How to Make a Bathroom Mat

What You'll Need
Towels or fabric
Binding/Cotton Border
Sewing machine
Needle and thread
Non-slip rubber liner

Instead of going to a store to purchase a bathroom mat, you can make one yourself. Sometimes, we tend to buy everything and anything we need, without even attempting to create the item with our own hands. This is not only more self fulfilling but also much cheaper in most cases. Here we shall outline the easy steps involved to make a bathroom mat yourself.

Step 1: Gather the Materials

The first step is to acquire the materials you need. The bathroom mat will be made from towels; the larger they are, the better. You can make use of oldish towels that have passed their time. Choose specific colors to match your bathroom's color scheme.

Step 2: Cutting the Towel

All you need to do is to fold the towel in half and cut off any unwanted edges. This is truly advisable if you intend to attach a different border later on. Adding a different colored border can make your mat look more attractive.

Step 3: Stitching the Towel

Next, stitch the open sides of the towel together. This will make it thicker and able to absorb more water.

Step 4: Attach the Border

You need to attach the hard-wearing cotton border all around the perimeter of the towel. Ideally, chose a border that is approximately 2 inches wide and long enough to go round the whole perimeter of your mat. Make sure to choose an appropriate border for your mat, both in thickness and in color. Go for a decorative one to add interest, or go for contrast to make it look more distinct. Carefully pin it to the towel.


Alternatively, you may wish to eliminate the border and just seal off the edges of the mat by means of a sturdy cotton binding, forming a secure edge to your mat.

Step 5: Sewing It Up

Finally, sew up the border or binding neatly all around, and your handmade bathroom mat is ready.

Step 6: Alternative To Using Towels

If you do not wish to use towels to make your bathroom mat, you can obviously opt to purchase some fabric. Cotton and chenille are amongst the most popular fabrics to make bathroom mats from. Simply cut the fabric in the desired dimensions, pin the binding or border and sew it up.

Step 7: Optional Backing

Some people prefer to have bathroom mats with a rubber backing, to avoid slipping. It is easy to include a non-slip base to your mat. All you need to do is to purchase some non-slip rubber liner, pin it to the underside of the mat and sew it in while stitching up your binding or border. 


As you can see, it is very easy to make your own bathroom mats. Apart from avoiding throwing away old towels, you can make it as personalized as you wish. Besides, we all know that bath mats tend to get wet easily and so they need to be washed and dried on a regular basis. Consequently, you will need to have several mats to meet the demand, especially with several people in the house. This is a simple way to meet this demand cheaply and creatively.