How to Make a 45-Degree Cut on Vinyl Rain Gutters

A man installs rain gutters.
What You'll Need
Carpenter's square
Miter box
Miter saw

Vinyl rain gutters are a very popular way to direct rainwater away from your eaves and into a dedicated run-off area. Vinyl gutters are much easier to work with than their aluminum counterpart and need a lot less maintenance to keep them operational for many years. During the installation process it is necessary to cut some 45-degree corners in the gutters. Here are the steps for doing that.

Step 1 - Locate Angle on Vinyl Rain Gutter

You can easily create the angle on your vinyl rain gutter by simply drawing the line where it needs to be cut. If you have a small miter box, coupled with a miter saw, this is an easy process. Hold the rain gutter up to the area where it will be secure. At the edge of the eave, place a mark on the inside part of the gutter.

Step 2 - Draw Line

Use a carpenter's square and finish drawing the 45-degree angle to the other side of the gutter. It should be going outward instead of an inside angle.

Step 3 - Cut Vinyl Rain Gutter

Place the gutter inside the miter box and position the line in the right slot. Use a hand-operated miter saw for a smoother cut. The cut does not have to be precise as the angle strap will hide any mistakes.