How to Make a Backyard Soccer Goal

What You'll Need
40 feet of 3/4-inch PVC pipe (4 10-foot lengths)
6 3/4-inch PVC elbow joints
4 3/4-inch PVC T-joints
Large package of zip ties
Miter saw or hand saw
Tape measure

Constructing your own backyard soccer goal is a great family project, and it will let the soccer enthusiasts in your life to spend countless hours outdoors practicing their scoring. Besides providing a functional plaything, it is extremely easy to make. It probably won’t be regulation size, for your backyard is not likely big enough for it. However, a miniature goal is all most kids need, and learning to score a soccer ball in a kid-size goal will actually improve the ability of a team player. With the materials purchased, you can build the goal in an afternoon. 

Step 1: Measure and Cut the Pieces

From your 4 10-foot lengths of PVC pipe, you need 2 4-foot lengths, 2 3-foot lengths, and 4 5-foot lengths. Cut 2 full pipes in half for the 5-foot lengths. Cut the 2 4-foot lengths from the third pipe and the 2 3-foot lengths from the fourth pipe. Sand down the edges with sandpaper to remove the plastic shards.

Step 2: Cut the 5-Foot Lengths Down

Two of the 5-foot lengths need to be cut in 2 places. Measure and mark 1 foot in from both ends and cut. You should end up with 3 pieces per 5-foot length: 1 3-foot piece and 2 1-foot pieces. 

Step 3: Join the 5-Foot Lengths

Lay each of the 3 pieces per 5-foot length out. Connect the 3 pieces with 2 T-joints each. With them connected, lay them across from one another with the bottoms of the each T facing the opposite. Join the 2 segments with the other 5-foot (intact) lengths of PVC. 

Step 4: Build the Rest of the Goal

Stand the 2 4-foot pieces up on end and place an elbow joint on the bottom of each. Place an elbow joint on top of each at 90 degrees to the joint on the other end. Join a 3-foot length with the bottom elbow joint of each 4-foot length. Standing side by side, they should look like parallel Ls. Lay the joined 5-foot segments on one side and hold it at about a 60° angle to the ground. The top elbow joints on the 2 L-shapes should face each other. Connect the open ends of the angled segment to the tops of the L-shapes. Lastly, connect the bottom of the Ls (the 3-foot pieces) with the bottom of the angled segment with the last 2 elbow joints. 

Step 5: Affix the Net

Roll out enough netting to cover the entire goal. Cut it to size after deciding how much you’ll need. Affix it at every point it comes into contact with the PVC pipe using zip ties. Place one every 6 inches or so to ensure the net has no huge gaps. 

With the net attached, the backyard soccer goal is complete. You can opt to glue the PVC joints to create a permanent goal or simply connect them tightly by hand. If you opt for the latter choice, you will be able to break the goal down.