How to Make a Bamboo Lamp Shade

What You'll Need
Pieces of bamboo (1 x 3 thick, 2 ft. long)
Caulk gun
Clear silicone caulk
Masking tape
Razor blade

It is fast becoming a popular fashion to use a Bamboo lamp shade. Bamboo can be an alternative material that can be used in making lampshades over more traditional materials. This breaks the traditional and boring styles of lampshades that speak of ingenuity. You have probably seen some items made out of bamboo pieces such as candle holders, picture frames, clocks and flowerpots. Aside from these items that are now sold by different gift stores, it is possible to make a bamboo lampshade on your own which can be kept at home or given away to your friends. This helps a lot if you are simply tired of your pieces of furniture at home. It is also possible to use an old lampshade in incorporating bamboo with an old and dull lampshade. 


Step 1: Remove the Cover of the Old Lampshade 

Start by removing the cover of the old lampshade to be transformed into a bamboo lampshade - whether it is a cloth or plastic cover. Removing the lampshade from the lamp makes everything easier. This can be done with a razor blade.

Step 2: Cure the Pieces of Bamboo

Pieces of bamboo (can be 1” x 3” thick and 2 ft. long) may either be bought from a local craft supply store or acquired within the neighborhood. The pieces of bamboo to be used must be cured well, and no longer green in color. Green bamboo is prone to rotting since molding may occur. If you have green bamboo, you can cure it by putting it under the sun. After curing, coat the bamboo (now brown in color) with layers of urethane.  

Step 3: Cut the Pieces of Bamboo According to the Desired Size

The size actually depends on the design you have in mind. On the average, 1” x 3” think and 2 ft. long is good enough. You can use a handsaw in cutting the pieces. Make sure they are longer than the length of your lampshade. In cutting the bamboo pieces, it is possible to cut them all at once or one at a time. However, it is imperative that they are all exactly the same length. 

Step 4: Glue the Bamboo Sticks to the Lampshade

It is highly recommended to use clear silicone caulk since ordinary glues will not work. Using a caulk gun, attach the bamboo sticks to the lampshade. Silicone bonds well to any surface such as bamboo. When attaching each stick, make sure it will stay in place. You can wrap a strip of masking tape to the lampshade once you have attached all of the bamboo sticks, and remove the tape once the silicone caulk dries up.

Step 5: Decorate the Lampshade 

Use your imagination and creativity when decorating the lampshade. It is possible to attach added embellishments that will go well with bamboo. The task is now complete and it is possible to sit back and admire the crafty work.