How to Make a Bamboo Room Divider

What You'll Need
Protective eye wear
An old sheet
Bamboo plywood
6 hinges
A screwdriver
Wood stain
A paint brush
A measuring tape

A bamboo room divider can be both functional and visually appealing. It can provide privacy and a touch of style to any room They are simple and easy to make. This bamboo room divider is made with three sections.

    Step 1 – Deciding on the Size

    Decide on the height and width for your new bamboo room divider. You will be joining three boards of equal size.

    Step 2 – Finding the Bamboo Material

    Visit your local home improvement store. Take your board measurements with you. Consult the wood specialist about bamboo plywood. Explain your home project and ask if they can cut the wood into the three boards that you need. 

    Step 3 – Placing the Hinges

    Put on your protective eye wear. Place your old sheet on the floor for protection. Place two of the boards on the sheet so that they lay flush on both of the ends. Take out three of the six hinges that you have. Place one of the hinges in the middle of the two boards. Place the second hinge equal distance between the top of the board and the middle hinge. Place the third hinge equal distance between the bottom of the boards and the middle hinge. 

    Step 4 – Securing the Hinges

    Use your screwdriver to secure the hinges to the two boards with the screws. Secure the middle hinge, then the top hinge and then the bottom hinge. 

    Step 5 – Turning the boards

    Carefully lift the hinged boards over and place them on the floor. Take the third board and lay it so that it is flush with the bottom of the other two boards. 

    Step 6 – Joining the Third Board

    Place the other three hinges in order to connect the third board with the other two. The first hinge should go in the middle, the second hinge equal distance between the top and the middle, and the third equal distance between the bottom and the middle. 

    Step 7 – Securing the Hinges

    Secure the last board with the other two boards. Use your screwdriver to secure the hinges to the boards with the screws. 

    Step 8 – Staining the Room Divider

    Decide on the stain for your new room divider. Use a paint brush to apply the stain to the top side of the boards. Allow the stain enough time to dry. Apply a second coat of stain, if necessary. Turn the boards over. Apply the stain to the other side of the boards. Allow the stain time to dry. If necessary, apply a second coat. 

    Step 9 – Raising the Room Divider

    Once the boards are completely dry on both side, carefully lift the room divider until it is standing on its own. Place the bamboo room divider where you would like it in your room. One side of the divider should pivot forward, and the other side should pivot backward.