How to Make a Barbecue Grill Cover

What You'll Need
Weatherproof spray
Sewing machine
Heavy material needle
Measuring tape
Large sheets of construction paper or tissue paper

A barbecue grill can be a great tool used to make delightful food for friends and family alike. The barbecue grill is usually outside which makes it susceptible to the elements. If the grill is kept outside long enough, regardless if it's stainless steel or not, can still rust. The rust can be scoured off the stainless steel but a barbecue grill does not have to get that far. The best solution to keeping the barbecue the grill protected is to utilize a grill cover. You can purchase a grill cover for the barbecue grill but not all grill covers will be the right size. You can fix this issue by making your own barbecue grill cover.

Step 1 - Measurements

To create the right grill cover you will need to gather some measurements. Use the measuring tape measure the width of the barbecue grill at its widest area. Measure the back of the barbecue grill at the tallest portion. Measure the side from the front to the back along the angle of the top of the barbecue grill. If you wish to have a more fitted barbecue cover; then measure width at the bottom to its widest area. Also measure the height from the ground to where the width difference occurs.

Step 2 - Making the Pattern

Use the measurements you took in Step 1 and transfer them to the paper you will use as a pattern. As you put the design on the paper you should increase the size by a total of one inch. This different will constitute the seam. If taking measurements is not something you are comfortable with then you can use the barbecue as a template. Hold the pieces of paper up against the side of the barbecue grill, back and front and trace the curvature of the barbecue grill. The end result will approximately be the same.

Step 3 - Cutting out the Design

You now have the correct pattern for your barbecue grill cover. Lay the canvas out on a work surface and place each piece of paper on top of the canvas. You can use a marker to carefully trace the patterns onto the canvas or you can pin them directly to it. You could also tape them if you like. Cut the patterns out of the canvas but remember that you need two end pieces. As you do this make the back, top and front out of one piece of canvas instead of three parts.

Step 4 - Sewing the Barbecue Cover

Lay all of your piece out and press a side to the center of the top. Make the edges flush and pin them. Sew along the line and repeat the other side. Pin and sew the remaining edges.

Step 5 - Finishing Touches

Pray the canvas all over with the weatherproofing spray. When it is dry turn the barbecue cover inside out and spray it again. This will be the side that is seen.