How to Make a Barbecue Pit Cover

What You'll Need
Utility knife
Large grommets
Large grommet hole punch
Large grommet maker
Nylon rope
Metal spikes
Duct tape

Your barbecue pit represents an area of your backyard where you have designated for grilling and gathering of friends and family. A barbecue is doomed by the elements because it is typically out in the open but it has another problem: the ground. After winter or rainfall one will expect the ground to be very wet and muddy. When the ground is soft it will begin to settle, shift and harden as it dries out. The barbecue pit will also suffer with this natural settling and runs the risk of sinking somewhat into the ground. If you cover the barbecue pit when not in use then the ground under it is more protected from the elements and shifting will be minimal. There are not many companies that make barbecue grill covers let alone covers for a barbecue pit. You will have to make a barbecue pit cover yourself. It is not or expensive to do and this article will show you how.

Step 1 - Getting the Shape for the Barbecue Pit Cover

Making a cover for a barbecue grill is harder than it is for a barbecue pit because they, unlike a grill, is either rectangular or circular. There's nothing very fancy about a barbecue pit unless you added enhancements and flourishes. If so, then you may need to tweak the cover somewhat. Unroll the tarp to its full size and place it over the barbecue pit. Center it as much as you can. Use the marker to trace the shape of the barbecue pit onto the tarp.

Step 2 - Trimming and Finishing

Remove the tarp from the top of the barbecue pit. Place the ruler along the edges you drew and mark off another four inches. Use the utility knife to trim the tarp along the lines you just made. The edges may become frayed or just look poor as tarp material is not the easiest thing to cut. Cover the rough edges with duct tape. This will not only make the edges look a little better but offer weight and protection of the edges. Use the grommet hole punch to make holes about an inch from the edge. It is a good idea to place holes every foot for a large barbecue pit or four inches for smaller ones. Insert a grommet into each hole and use the grommet maker to press them together.

Step 3 - Using the Barbecue Pit Cover

When it comes time to use the cover you'll need to center it over the top of the barbecue pit. Cut a piece of nylon rope for each hole in the cover. Tie one end around the top of the metal spike and the other is threaded through the hole and tied using a slipknot for easy removal. Pull the rope tight and hammer the spike into the ground. It is best to work from side to side so the tarp can be pulled tight and then secured.