How to Make a Baseboard Heater Cover

What You'll Need
Small Saw
2 Nos. 2x2s
Window Screening (1 Roll) or Metal Decorative Sheeting
Wood Stain (Your desired color)
Measuring Tape

Making a baseboard heater cover can help make your room look more attractive. A baseboard heater often takes up valuable space on the wall and is an eyesore to many homeowners. By installing a baseboard heater cover, you can hide the unsightly heater and reclaim the space. Having one custom-made by professionals is expensive. However, you can easily make one yourself for a fraction of the price. Follow the simple step-by-step instructions below to make a baseboard heater cover.

Step 1 – Measure the Baseboard Heater

Measure the height, depth, and width of the baseboard heater to determine the plywood size you will need with a measuring tape. The depth of the baseboard heater refers to the broadness of the top surface heater area. If you want a cover that has a broader surface top, you can measure beyond its actual depth. Measure the horizontal length (the front of the baseboard heater), which will be used to determine the size of the window screen you need.

Step 2 – Draw Up a Plan

After you have the measurements of the baseboard heater, draw out a plan of what you want the cover to look like. You will be making the baseboard heater cover in 2 steps. The first step is to construct a frame, and the second step is to attach the front screen, the top, and the sides to the frame. If you want a broader surface top, remember to add onto the leg measurement, which is the side width, for the frame.

Step 3 – Purchase the Materials

Go to a local hardware store to purchase materials. Based on the measurements earlier on, ask them to cut the plywood to the desired sizes. Have them cut the screen sheet to size, based on the horizontal length.

Step 4 – Cut the 2x2’s to Construct the Frame

2x2’s will be used to construct the frame to hold the screen in place. Cut the 2x2’s into 4 pieces based on your earlier measurements with a small saw. You will cut 2 horizontal pieces for the horizontal length of the baseboard heater, and 4 vertical (side width) pieces for the legs.

Step 5 – Nail the 2x2’s Together

After cutting, proceed to nail the horizontal 2x2’s you have just cut to the legs (vertical pieces) with hammer and nails. You have just built a frame. After nailing them together, you may feel that the structure is unstable, but do not worry about this, as it will become more stable after you fix the top and sides to it. Measure the frame using a measuring tape to ensure that it is the correct size for your baseboard heater.

Step 6 – Nail the Plywood to the Frame

Nail the plywood to the sides of the frame with a hammer and nails. Be sure that the plywood has the same measurement as the frame legs for the side width. Line the plywood properly to the top and bottom of the frame legs. Then, nail them together in place. Next, nail the plywood to the frame top.

Step 7 – Nail the Window Screen to the Frame

Proceed to nail the window screen to the horizontal length of the frame.

Step 8 – Finish the Baseboard Heater Cover

Apply 2 coats of your choice of wood stain color to the plywood using a paintbrush. The wood stain prevents damages by protecting the plywood from the heat.