How to Make a Bench Out of Used Skis How to Make a Bench Out of Used Skis

What You'll Need
Used skis
angle brackets
Tape measure
Safety goggles
Face mask

If you have a number of used skis in your home which you no longer need, or perhaps have been collecting them with the intention of doing something useful with them, then a bench is the perfect solution. Making a park-bench style seat out of your used skis will help you to create an interesting feature for your garden or decking area, and will also be more resistant than using ordinary wooden planks. Once you have gathered together enough skis to complete this project, you should be able to create your own bench from used skis with very little effort at all.

Step 1 -  Preparing the Skis

Before you can begin to make a park bench style seat out of your used skis, you will need to prepare them. This includes stripping all of them of their bindings and accessories, and then cutting down some to size. Calculate how many skis you will need. Estimate around 6 for the seat, 6 for the back, one for the arm rests, two for the supports and four for the frame. Remove the ski's bindings by taking off all of the screws, and then pulling off the plastic base of the bindings. Keep the screws for later. You should then cut down 5 or 6 skis. These will be your frame. You should wear a face mask and safety goggles while cutting the used skis, as they can throw up a lot of fiberglass dust, which is dangerous.

Step 2 - Building the Frame

Take your cut skis, and lay them out. You will need two of your intact skis also. Take one of the pieces cut in half, and join it to the intact ski using your angle bracket. It should stick out at right angles. Take half of a different ski, and attach this at right angles to the other side of that ski, so you have an h shape. Repeat for the other side of the bench, and then add a slightly smaller ski support below the cross bar of each side.

Step 3 - Attaching the Other Skis

Support the 2 sides in an upright position, and start laying a number of skis along the shorter support bar. You should screw each of the skis in a horizontal position until you have an H shape. You will need to use around 6 skis in all. You should then be able to take the skis, and place them across the top half of the H shape, until you can see the park-bench shape of the seat appear. Keep all of the skis in place by screwing them one after the other. When you have finished, you can add a pair of skis to the bottom of the legs. This will keep your bench upright on decking.

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