How to Make a Bevel Cut with a Circular Saw

What You'll Need
Circular saw
Tape measure

A bevel cut is any cut that is not at a right angle to the piece being cut. This type of cut isn’t very hard to make. Below you will find a brief description of how to properly make a bevel cut. There will also be one paragraph containing common mistakes that are often made.

Step 1: Know Your Angle

Before you can make any bevel cuts, you have to know what the bevel angle will be and then set that on the saw base.

Step 2: Measure the Cut to Be Made

When a bevel cut doesn’t cover the whole length of a piece to be cut, you need to precisely measure where the cut will start and stop and then precisely mark this cut length on the piece being cut.

Step 3: Verify Your Measurements

Before picking up your circular saw to begin making your bevel cut, you need to verify the angle you need cut and the angle you have set on the saw base plate. If the bevel cut won’t be the full length of the piece being cut, verify your measurements to be sure.

Step 4: Make the Cut

Place the saw on the wood before the point your bevel cut will begin. Squeeze the trigger and hold it. Slowly engage the wood with the blade and allow the blade’s motion to pull it through the wood the correct length of the cut.


Common mistakes people make when making bevel cuts is not making sure the angle is correct, not verifying the cut length and not wearing safety glasses.

Above you have been given simple instructions and some common mistakes made when making bevel cuts.