How to Make a Braided Travel Clothesline

What You'll Need
Elastic bands
Wool or string
Thin Surgical tubing

A travel clothesline is an ideal option for vacationers who are either away for a long period of time or don’t want to come home with a pile of dirty laundry. A twisted or braided travel clothesline will not only take up little space in the suitcase, but there won’t be any need to pack clothes pegs as the line is designed specifically to easily attach laundry to it. Making a braided line is a really easy and fun task done with skills you learned as a child. You can make a travel clothesline from wool, string, thin surgical tubing or even old clothing lines.

Step 1 – Practice

Before commencing this project, braid 3 pieces of wool or string to get an idea of how loose or tight your finished product will need to be. If the braids are too loose, then the clothes will not remain in the line; too tight and it will be difficult to attach any clothes.

Step 2 – Measurements

The materials that are used to create the travel clothesline can be one single color or three different colors. Measure three lengths of surgical tube, so that they are roughly 20ft long and cut.  The length of the line can be shorter, but 20ft is the standard length of most domestic clotheslines.  For a softer and more compact clothesline, use wool or fine string.

Step 3 – Hooks

To create the hooks, simply take an elastic band and tie the three strands of tubing into a knot around the band tightly. For extra support create use some thin string and tie it over the knotted tube and then wrap it tightly around ½ an inch of the strands of tubing before tying off.

Step 4 – Braiding

Separate the tubing so that the 3 lengths are clearly defined. Take one of the outside lengths and lay it over the middle length, so that the middle length is now on the outside. Next take the other outside length and lay that over the new middle length.  Repeat this process all the way down the line until there is 3 inches of length left on all three pieces of tubing. Try to ensure that same level of tension that worked with the practice line is maintained throughout the travel clothesline.

Step 5 – Final Hook

Tie the end of the braided clothesline to the elastic band, once again for additional security tie a piece of thin string over the knot and repeat the process that was carried out with the first loop. If there is any excess tubing, this can be trimmed so that just over ½ an inch remains at both ends.

Step 6 – Testing

Attach the ends of the travel clothesline to hooks or tie them around posts. Once the line is secure attach some items of clothing to the line to ensure that they remain in the braids, to do this just pull one part of the braid away from the others and insert a corner of the clothing.