How to Make a Built-In Desk How to Make a Built-In Desk

What You'll Need
Stud finder
Measuring tape
Table saw
Electric screwdriver
Wood screws
Power drill
Drill bits
3/4-inch plywood
Drawers (optional)
Cabinets (optional)

If you are worried about space and a work area then consider creating a built in desk in one of your walls. Regardless of the space you may have; there is always a corner in your home that is not being used. This unused space can be that home office you want by building a simple built in desk. The information contained here will show you how to turn that unused area into a built in desk.

Step 1 - Measurements and Cutting

Find an area of the home that is not currently being used. Determine how large you want your built in desk to be as this will determine features like cabinets and drawers. Measure the angle of the walls, the width between them and the height of the finished built in desk. Make the proper hash marks on the walls. Measure the depth of the wall from the mark you made and cut 4 pieces from the 2x4 to match this measurement. Cut the plywood into two pieces to the depth and width of the corner section. Trim the sides of them to form a triangle.

Step 2 - Framing the Built-in Desk

Find the hash marks you made on the wall and place one cut piece of 2x4 along this mark. Use a level to make sure it is perfectly straight. Use the stud finder to locate the studs and mark a mark on the 2x4 where each stud is. Drill a pilot hole through the center of the 2x4 where the studs are. Line the 2x4 up on the wall and attach to the wall studs with the wood screws. Repeat for the second side at the top as well as both sides on the floor. These pieces of 2x4 will be the supports for the shelves.

Step 3 - Adding the Shelves

Place one of the triangles on top of the bottom 2x4 placeholders. Make sure it is flush against the wall as much as it can be. You can trim this piece if you like. When it is positioned you can attach it to the 2x4 using several nails. Repeat with the top shelf to finish your built in desk.

Step 4 - Optional Accessories

Using cabinets and drawers that are already assembled save you a lot of time. Cabinets will offer added support for the top shelf. If you're installing cabinets then you can do so without having to have a bottom shelf. Place a cabinet at each side. Place the top shelf on top of the cabinets and nail in place. You can add a drawer in the center if you like. There will be gaps between the cabinets and the wall. You can seal these gaps with piece of 2x4 or plywood that is nailed to the cabinets and to the wall. Drawers are affixed to the bottom of the top shelf with nails or screws. Sealing any gaps in a corner is up to you.

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