How to Make a Canopy Bed with Curtain Rods and Draperies

What You'll Need
Drapery hooks
Drill bits
Sheer curtains or fabric
4 to 8 long curtain rods
Toggle bolts,drapery hooks
Screw driver
Steam iron

While a romantic, dramatic, or whimsical canopy bed can add excitement and flare to any bedroom, it may seem like too daunting a task. However, you can make a fabulous canopy bed fairly easily and cost effectively using nothing more than curtain rods and draperies or fabric!  For added interest, you might add ribbons, bows, flowers, beads, or cord trims. 

Selecting your set of drapes is important in creating just the right look with this project. The draperies you select should enhance the feeling and decor of the room and work with some key color element. For example, you might choose draperies that coordinate with your sheets, accessories, or a key focal point in the room. Drapes are available in all styles and colors, and even shower curtains can work for this project, particularly in a child's room. If you are going with fabric drapes consider going over them carefully with a good steam iron before hanging, so that are smooth and neat when they are hung.

Step 1 - Decide on the Look You Want

Consider the decor of your room and the finished product you wish to achieve. You will need to decide between full sided curtains or drapes and simple draped fabric.

Step 2 - Screw in Your Hooks and Drape

If you have decided not to go with the fully sided curtains, simply screw four drapery hooks into the ceiling above each of the four corners of your bed. Softly drape sheer fabric or curtains over the hooks, so that one end is left to fall straight down over the corner of the bed to the floor, while the other end is attached to a hook over the next corner, moving in a clockwise direction. Allow the fabric to fall and drape as you go. If your fabric is cut too short, or if you want a more interesting look, add more drapery hooks along the ceiling over your bed and continue to drape the fabric through them, letting the fabric fall loosely before moving on to the next hook. Remember to leave one full panel of fabric hanging to the floor on all four sides. If you would like your fabric to create a puddle effect on the floor, cut it a few inches longer and let it collect softly onto the floor. 

Step 3 - Mount Your Drapery Rods and Drape

If you prefer to go with draperies on all four sides, mount drapery rods directly onto your ceiling above the sides of the bed with screws, toggle bolts, or brackets Hang your curtains right up and you are finished! Be sure to put the curtain hooks onto the rods before you hang the rods. If you choose to hang a combination of heavier drapes on the outside and lighter weight drapes on the inside. If you do this you will need double brackets. If your ceiling is high, consider hanging the curtain rods from chains. 

Combine the two methods for a finished look. Screw your hooks in the corners as before, and drape your fabric along the outside of the curtain rods.