How to Make a Centerpiece with Ball Ornaments

A holiday centerpiece can be easy and cost-effective to make. You can make a centerpiece with ball ornaments to transform your holiday table into a special festive landscape that can be further enhanced with a holiday-inspired table cloth.

Tools and Materials

  • Large glass bowl or vase
  • Multi-colored ball ornaments
  • Craft glue
  • Artificial poinsettias

Step 1: Choose Your Receptacle

Determine how big or how small you want your centerpiece to be, and choose an appropriate receptacle that will suit your needs. For a dramatic look for your holiday dinner table, choose a large glass bowl or tall wide vase. If you only need a centerpiece to adorn a small table, choose a smaller, more delicate piece, or even several small bowls to position at different points along the table.

Step 2: Fill Your Container

Fill up your bowl or vase with multi-colored ball ornaments. Make sure you distribute your ornaments by color evenly so that you do not have too many of the same colored ornaments too close to one another.

Step 3: Glue Poinsettias on Your Centerpiece

Apply a thin coat of clear craft glue around the lower portion of your bowl or vase. Apply small artificial poinsettias all around the bottom of your container for a festive holiday look. Make sure to apply gentle pressure when gluing down your flowers so that they will adhere better and not slip off the glass.

Also, cover the entire glued area so that no clear parts of the glass are exposed. This will ensure that your poinsettias appear full and abundant.