How to Make a CFL Look Like an Incandescent Light How to Make a CFL Look Like an Incandescent Light

What You'll Need
CFL - may need several
Glass or plastic tubing or housing - this is for the inside of the light and can be found at hardware stores

There are a number of people who are interested in making CFL lights look like incandescent lights. The difference between these actual lights is that CFL's are made of small gas tubes that have mercury in them while incandescent lights use electricity. The task of making your CFL look like an incandescent light, while a little bit tricky, can be done. Here are a few steps that can help you through the process.

Step 1 - Take Bulb Apart

Before you begin you will want to make a trip to the hardware store to get the glass tubing. You can use plastic but you may want to speak to someone who works at the hardware store so you are getting the right material and not one that is going to cause a fire.

Using pliers you will want to begin screwing off the bottom of the light bulb. This needs to be done very carefully and you will want wear gloves while you are working in case you end up with broken bulbs. Once you have taken it apart you can set it on a towel so it doesn't roll around or break.

Step 2 - Enclose the Spiral

Using the pliers you will be able to touch the spiral that is inside. You will want to take the pliers and carefully wrap the glass tubing around it so that it is covered. Be sure to do this completely but also without letting the tubing touch anywhere else. This step is extremely important as you do not want to cause a fire.

Step 3 - Reassemble the Bulb

Now that you have put the tubing around the spiral you can put the bulb back together the way that you took it apart.

Step 4 - Test It Out

You can test out your end product to see how the CFL now looks like an incandescent light. While you are testing though you may want to keep an eye on it for the first few uses so that you know you have the right material and that you have all of the tubing inside on straight.

While this way works very well, there is also another great way to make your CFL look like an incandescent light. This process is called induction coupling. This is basically making the CFL electrode less. Right now they only have about three models that are made in the United States that are electrode less and look like an incandescent lamp.

While you can buy these CFL's that look like an incandescent light, the steps here will help you through the process and allow you to do it on your own. Remember to keep checking on it for the first few days so you know that it is completely safe.

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