How to Make a Chandelier Pot Rack

What You'll Need
Steel or metal strips
Metal bending tool
S-shaped hook
Wing nuts

A chandelier pot rack is a type of pot rack that can be designed by you to provide additional storage for your kitchen. The advantage of a hanging pot rack is that it reduces the need of having to reserve cabinet space for your pots and pans. It also provides a decorative element for your kitchen and can serve as both a focal point and discussion piece in your kitchen. This how-to article discusses the steps, including tools and materials that you need in order to build your own chandelier pot rack in your kitchen.  

Step 1 - Purchase Materials for Your Chandelier Pot Rack

In order to build a chandelier pot rack for your kitchen you need to purchase the materials needed for his project. A home improvement center should have many if not all of the items needed for this build. You will need several steel or metal strips that can be used to create the different levels for your chandelier pot rack.

Step 2 - Shape the Metal Strips

In this step of the process you will need to use the metal bending tool to form the metal strips. Bend the metal into a U-shape curve that will allow you to create the levels for your chandelier pot rack. The easiest form to accomplish is to bend 4 strips that will allow you to create a chandelier with 2 distinct levels. 

Step 3 - Drill Holes into the Metal Strips

Take a drill with a metal drill bit and place holes spaced about 1 inch apart into the metal strips. These holes are where you will place the s-shaped hooks into the metal in order to hang the pots and pans from. You will also need to place a large hole into the middle of one of the metal strips that will be used to attach a chain in order to suspend the pot rack from the ceiling.

Step 4 - Put the Strips together

Take the larger metal strip with the hole in the middle and place a chain length through the middle. Secure the chain using a screw with a nut. With the chain secured in place, attach 1 of the bent metal forms to the end of the larger metal strip and another bent metal form to the other end of the metal strip. Use a screw and wing nut to fasten the strips together. Hold the screw in place with a screwdriver and tighten a wing nut from the underside of the screw with a pair of pliers.

Attach the S-shaped hooks to the remaining holes on each of the metal strips to be used for hanging pots and pans.

Step 5 - Install the Chandelier Pot Rack

Drill a hole into the ceiling. Make sure that the hole goes into one of the ceiling beams in order to ensure that the pot rack will be secured properly. Install the pot rack and, once in place, arrange your pots and pans on the hooks.