How to Make a Cheap Appliance Look Expensive

Make it Look Expensive
A high-end kitchen.

Make your cheap appliances look expensive with some DIY high-end makeover tricks that instantly transform any room.

Create a Faux Stainless Steel Look
A kitchen with stainless steel appliances.

Stainless steel appliances are pricey, but stainless steel paint isn't. You can make any appliance look high-end with a little liquid stainless steel. You can find stainless steel paint in roll-on or spray-paint varieties. It looks like stainless steel, and it's as easy to use as any other shade of paint. Be sure to get heat-resistant stainless steel for dishwashers, ovens, oven hoods, washing machines, and any other appliance that heats up to function.

If painting isn't your thing, you can also buy stainless steel peel-and-stick panels that are exactly like appliance wallpaper. If you apply it slowly and well, these peel-and-stick panels will look just as glossy and costly as actual stainless steel appliances.

Use Chalkboard Paint
Chalkboard paint on a wall.

With paint, anything can become a chalkboard — including your fridge or a nearby wall. This is a fun makeover that's much easier than it looks. Paint your wall, fridge, or another appliance with chalkboard paint, allow it to dry thoroughly, and attach molding with glue to create a frame around the chalkboard. The chalkboard paint is functional, so when it dries you can use chalk to draw pictures, write messages and keep track of the grocery list. Chalkboard paint can be applied to anything, from cabinets to closets to appliances. When applied on walls, it makes nearby appliances pop.

Spray Paint Your Small Appliances
A bright red toaster

Make your small appliances look fun and fresh with spray paint. Mixers, blenders, toasters, and other appliances you use regularly (or leave sitting on the counter) can look brand-new again with spray paint. Have fun with it, and get spray paint in vivid colors. Use your creativity to create unique designs. Bold red with black spots, bright orange with stripes — you're only limited by your own creativity. Use stencils to make the paint look perfect. If you want a more minimalist look, paint your small appliances in crisp white or a bold jewel tone to add pops of color to your kitchen or bathroom.

Change the Burner Grates
A close up on a stove's burner grates.

If your stove is looking old and cheap, try replacing the burner grates. Swap the old ones out for something in a new, modern design. This will make the stove look cleaner and newer. While you're at it, replace the hardware on your stove. The knobs can be removed and replaced with brand-new knobs in a more contemporary style. A simple hardware change can work wonders on an outdated or inexpensive stove, and make it look much more high-end.

Use Tape
Colorful rows of washi tape.

Get some washi tape or duct tape, and start making some stripes. Washi, a crafting tape, is available in a wide range of patterns and colors. Duct tape comes in a ton of colors, not just the traditional muted silver. You can find duct tape in a variety of eye-catching metallic shades, which may be just the thing for that fridge, dishwasher, or other appliance that has seen better days. Feeling creative? Try making zigzag patterns or checkerboard designs. Use a ruler to apply the tape perfectly, and you can give any appliance an easy makeover.