How to Make a Cheap Rose Bush Look Lush How to Make a Cheap Rose Bush Look Lush

What You'll Need
Nutrient-Rich Soil
Pruning Shears

A cheap rose bush does not have to look like it is cheap. Having rose bushes around the home can be a great way to add color, great fragrance, and also a beautiful backdrop to surrounding flowers. However, they can cost a great deal. Many people will buy cheaper rose bushes and make them look lush by following a few steps.

Step 1: Plant Rose Bush in Sunlight

A rose bush needs to have at least six hours of direct sunlight for its boldest color. When planting the cheap rose bush make sure to put it in an area where there is plenty of sunlight.

Step 2: Fertilize Plants

Rose bushes need to have nutrient-rich soil in order to grow healthy and vibrant. Keep the ground fertilized and turned with a small garden trowel.

Step 3: Prune Bushes

The best way to help a cheap rose bush look fuller, healthier, and more lush is to prune the bush when new sprouts develop. This will help the bush to grow stronger while also developing stronger shoots.

Step 4: Grow on Trellis

Roses need to grow up. Allowing the rose bush to grow on a trellis will stretch out the vines and let more air and sunlight reach the entire plant. Bigger bulbs, more branches, and bolder colors are a result.

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