How to Make a Christmas Wreath with Silk Poinsettias

A Christmas wreath decorated with silk poinsettias will provide your front door with an inviting holiday look. Poinsettias are a staple during the Christmas holidays, and when combining their beauty and color to a Christmas wreath, the look becomes even more inspiring for the holiday season.

You Will Need

  • White styrofoam wreath form
  • Red fabric ribbon
  • Craft glue
  • Florist pins
  • Silk poinsettias
  • Red and gold fabric bows

Step 1: Glue Ribbon To Wreath Form

Apply a thin coat of craft glue to your Styrofoam wreath form and then securely wrap your ribbon evenly around it. Press down on your ribbon as you go to make sure it bonds securely. Cover the entire wreath, making sure that no part of the styrofoam is exposed.You can purchase different sizes of wreath forms at any craft store.

Step 2: Attach Silk Poinsettias

Attach your silk poinsettias to your Christmas wreath with small amounts of craft glue and allow to dry. To secure your poinsettias even further, tack them in place with your florist pins.

Step 3: Add Your Bows

With your florist pins, attach red and gold fabric bows evenly into your Christmas wreath. Make sure that you do not obscure the beauty of the poinsettias by tacking the bows directly on top of them. Rather, secure the bows in between the flowers, so that they complement them instead of hiding them. Allow your wreath to thoroughly dry before using.