How to Make a Coffee Mug Rack

What You'll Need
3, 1 by 4 lumber
9 wood mug pegs or 2 inch brass hooks
Wood glue
Circular saw
Measuring tape
Spirit level or string line
Ear muffs

If you are looking for a holder that can hold your coffee mugs and keep your kitchen countertop tidy, a coffee mug rack may be the solution for you. Although a wide variety of mug racks are available in the market, you can add a personal touch by making one yourself. Also, you can personalize it any way you want. To build a coffee mug rack, which holds up to 9 mugs, follow these instructions.

Step 1 – Planning the Design

Plan the design of the coffee mug rack. You will need 3 flat pieces of lumber for the base and 2 sides of the rack. The three 1 by 4s are for the racks on which the mugs hang. The 9 wood mug pegs or brass hooks are attached to the racks.

Step 2 – Mark the Measurements on Lumber

The base of the rack needs to be 21 1/2 inches long and 5 1/2 inches deep. The sides of the rack should be 21 inches high and 5 1/2 inches wide. Mark all the measurements on the lumber. Measure 21 1/2 inches on the three 1 by 4s and mark it with a pencil.

Step 3 – Cutting the Lumber to Size

Cut the lumber to size. Also, you need to cut the lumber in the middle to get a width of 1 inch on the sides. Use a circular saw to cut them. Also, make sure you are wearing your safety gear, while cutting the wood for the coffee mug rack.

Step 4 – Attach the Base to the Sides of the Rack

Place 1 rack side on the workbench and measure 1 1/2 inches from 1 side and mark it with a pencil. Repeat the process on the other rack side also. Now, you are going to fix the base on these marks. Also, pre-drill 4 holes on the marks, 2 on each side. Now, apply wood glue on the edges of the base and screw it in place using the drill.

Step 5 – Cutting the 1 by 4s

Measure and mark 21 1/2 inches with a pencil on the lumber. Cut them to size.

Step 6 - Mark the Position of the Racks

Your coffee mug rack will have 3 racks. The racks are placed 6 1/2 inches apart. Measure 5 1/2 inches from the base and mark it with a pencil. Similarly, mark 2 more positions 5 1/2 inches apart. Use a spirit level or string line to check if the markings on both the sides are at the same level.

Step 7 – Pre-drill Holes for Racks

Next, use the drill to pre-drill holes on the marks you make earlier. Make sure the holes are drilled from the outer side of the lumber.

Step 8 – Attach the Racks on to the Side Panel

Before attaching the racks on to the side panel, measure and mark the position of the hooks on the wider part of 1 by 4s and pre-drill the holes. Make sure they are equally spaced. Now, apply glue on the edges of the racks, place them on the side panel so that the wider part faces you. Screw in and secure the racks. Finally, attach the hooks on your coffee mug rack.