How to Make a Concrete Bird Bath

A concrete bird bath.
What You'll Need
One bag of concrete
A shovel
A wheelbarrow
An large old salad bowl
An largish empty can
Rocks or sand
Plastic wrap
A cutter (or a sharp knife)

A concrete bird bath is not very difficult to make, and once made it offers a relaxing sensation around your whole garden. In order for the birds to keep coming back, the only thing you have to do is to provide food and obviously the bird bath.

Step 1 - Find the Bowl

You will need is a large bowl. If you don’t have one, you can normally acquire one in an old garage sale or at dollar store. You will need the large bowl at a later stage in the process.

Step 2 - Mix

Mix a 0.7 ounce bag of cement with water. Keep adding water until the substance resembles a mayonnaise-like consistency, making sure you don’t over mix it with water, otherwise it won’t be usable. Use the wheelbarrow to mix the latter mixture.

Step 3 - Add Rocks or Sand

Get hold of your empty can and after finding some rocks or sand, put these inside the can so that you can add weight to it. Now use the plastic wrap and wrap the can with it.

Step 4 - Place Can in the Middle of the Bowl

Now grab the can filled with rocks or sand and place it in the middle of the old bowl and leave it there. Make sure it is in the middle of the bowl.

Step 5 - Pour Concrete Mixture

At this point pour the concrete mixture in the bowl until it reaches the brim of the bowl. Now with a hand trowel try to spread the concrete mixture as even as possible, so that you will have a smooth surface.

Step 6 - Inspect

Leave the mixture to dry but be vigilant because once you see that the mixture (usually after 4 hours) has bonded, but not totally dried, take out the rock and sand-filled can from the middle of the bowl. That way it won’t stick permanently to the concrete mixture and it will leave a largish hole in its place. Once the latter is done leave the concrete to dry for at least another day.

Step 7 - Finish Off

Now with the help of a sharp cutter or a knife remove the bowl. Use a hose and spray lightly to remove any remaining dust from the bowl. The last thing to do is to place your concrete bird bowl in the middle of the garden or where you prefer, fill it with water and wait for the birds to come and enjoy their concrete bath.

Before the concrete completely dries, you can add some decoration to the concrete bowl, such as rocks or mosaic tiles. Remember to replace the water daily, otherwise, mosquitoes will start to breed in it. If you intend to move the concrete bird bowl, make sure to lift it properly because it will be very heavy.