How to Make a Corner Shower Bench

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What You'll Need
Measuring tape
Pencil and paper
Large mathematical compass
Wet tile saw with diamond blade
3 square quarry tiles
Fine grit sandpaper
Latex thinset tile adhesive
Rectangular ridged trowel
Large sponge
Safety glasses

A corner shower bench will add to the comfort and safety of your shower area. Place the shower bench in the corner opposite the entry, near the shower sprayer. Follow this procedure to make and install a corner shower bench.

Step 1 - Measure the Area for the Corner Shower Bench

Measure from the shower floor to the height you want the shower bench. Measure along each wall forming the corner to get the depth of the bench top.

Step 2 - Cut the Curved Tile for the Bench Top

Measure 1 of the quarry tiles to serve as the bench top. Draw a curve on it with grease pencil with a radius of 18-inches from any corner. Attach the diamond blade to the wet tile saw and start the water pump to dampen the blade. Wear your safety glasses and cut carefully along the curve, turning the tile slowly and smoothly. Practice on some scrap tiles if you have never cut a curved tile.

Step 3 - Cut the Square Tiles for Correct Slope

Draw a line across the top edge of the other 2 tiles so it slopes 1/8-inch per linear foot. Your line should mark a slope of 3/16-inch at the tile edge that will be farthest from the corner. Cut these 2 tiles in the wet tile saw carefully and steadily along your marked line. The curved tile forming the bench top will rest on these. The slope will keep water from pooling on it. Make sure the 2 tiles have an identical slope so the bench top will be level from side to side when resting on these support tiles.

Step 4 - Sand and Smooth the Curved Tile

Using fine grit sandpaper, smooth the edge of the curved tile carefully. Retain the size and shape, and polish excess grit.

Step 5 - Attach the Support Tiles to the Walls

Ensure the shower walls are clean and dry. Sand the shower tiles gently with fine grit sandpaper and clean the dust. Apply latex thinset to the square tiles with a ridged trowel and fit them firmly against the walls. Wipe the excess thinset with a damp sponge. Allow the thinset to dry overnight. Check the adhesion of the support tiles before attaching the corner bench top.

Step 6 - Attach the Corner Bench Seat to the Support Tiles

Apply latex thinset to the top of the support tiles and to the shower walls above them. Place the corner bench seat snugly into the wall corner, pressing it down firmly on the support tiles, so it has the correct slope for water drainage. Use the damp sponge again to wipe away extra thinset on edges and the face of the seat. Let the adhesive dry overnight and test the stability of the seat in the dry shower stall before using it.