How to Make a Cornice Box How to Make a Cornice Box

What You'll Need
Nails and screws
Measuring tape
Felt tip pen
Ample workspace

The cornice box can be a great new addition to your home's decor. Creating your own cornice boxes for your windows will provide you with a new look while also helping to trim your decorating expenses.

Design the Box

Looking at design magazines and shows will help you determine which cornice box will work for your home. Take some time to choose a style which fits in the space available and that will balance the appearance of the room. A home design specialist can help you with drawing up plans, but a rudimentary sketch will also work.

Step 1 – Measure the Wood First

Start by measuring the wood for each side of the cornice box. Measure twice before you consider cutting. Mark the places where the wood should be cut with a felt tip pen. Measure the wood for the sides as well as the front and back pieces, depending on your design.

Step 2 – Cut the Wood Pieces

Take the saw and cut along the measured lines. Do this slowly with the help of a miter box which will keep the wood in place. A power miter set can be helpful, but only use this equipment if you are comfortable. You might also want to take the wood to a professional to have them cut the pieces for you. If you have the measurements, this is a simple task.

Step 3 - Trim the Box with Molding

If you desire, you can trim the wood pieces with crown molding already found at hardware and supply stores. Cut these pieces to fit the edges of your box and nail to the wood. A variety of molding designs are readily available and some wood supply stores will cut the pieces for you.

Step 4 - Put the Cornice Box Together

Once the pieces have been cut, put the box together by nailing or screwing the pieces into each other at the corners. Applying a coat of wood glue before doing so will increase the strength of the box. Use clamps to hold the pieces in place as the glue dries to ensure an even result.

Step 5 - Decorate the Box

After the box is put together, you may choose to stain or paint the piece. Use a basic primer when painting, allowing to dry completely before adding another coat of paint. Stains are applied without a primer though a higher quality wood should be used from the start.

Step 6 - Hang the Cornice Box

Install brackets on the walls above the window and secure the finished cornice box to the brackets. The box can sit on top of or be secured completely to the brackets. Use a level to ensure the box is straight in its placement.

A cornice box allows you to decorate your room without a lot of cost or effort. This simple project can be duplicated above all windows of your home.

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