How to Make a Costume Beard

What You'll Need
Crepe hair in the base color for your costume beard
Spirit gum or medical adhesive
Spirit gum remover or medical adhesive remover
Fine tooth comb
Eyebrow comb or mascara applicator
Temporary hair color in a contrasting color for highlights
Styling wax

Complete your prize Halloween costume by making a realistic costume beard. The finished look will fool your friends and make you the hit of this year's Halloween costume party.

With a little patience and the right materials, you can make a costume beard to rival the best makeup artist.

Step 1 - Prepare the Costume Beard Materials

Crepe hair is wool fiber that has been dyed and processed into a uniform length (usually 12 inches). It can be found at most costume stores or ordered on line.

Unwind the crepe hair and iron the fibers straight. Cut the fibers to a proper length for your costume beard, leaving extra length for safety.

Wash and shave the facial area where the costume beard will be applied. Do not apply the adhesive to any part of the face that has hair on it.

Step 2 - Apply the Costume Beard

Apply a thin layer of adhesive to the facial area starting at the chin. Do not over apply or apply to areas where the crepe hair will not be attached. Do not use craft glue or crazy glue as a costume beard adhesive.

While the adhesive is still wet, apply the crepe hair fibers to the face by the ends. Attach the underlayer of fibers first, working from the base of the jawline up. By attaching only the ends and starting at the bottom, the beard will hang and move properly. Make sure that no adhesive is visible along the top line of the beard by leaving small tufts loose at the top of each fiber, to be trimmed later.

Step 3 - Apply the Costume Mustache

Paint a thin layer of adhesive to the upper lip area only to the area necessary for the mustache. Apply more crepe hair to the adhesive, starting in the middle and working to the sides.

For a pencil-style mustache, attach longer fibers lengthwise from the center of your upper lip to the edge. Leave a length free at the end to style for handle bar or fu manchu type mustaches.

For full mustaches, apply shorter fibers vertically along your upper lip, in multiple layers. Again, ensure all the adhesive is covered at the top.

Step 4 - Style the Costume Beard

Using a fine tooth comb, gently comb the crepe wool fibers so they are all going in the right direction.

Trim the crepe wool to the right shape. Closely trim the tufts at the top of the beard and mustache.

Using an eyebrow comb or mascara applicator, lightly brush contrasting hair color through the beard to highlight the beard. Fewer highlights give a more realistic look.

If your Halloween costume beard and hair are different from your natural color, color your eyebrows using the eyebrow brush and temporary hair color.

After the highlight color is dry, style your mustache using styling wax if needed.