How to Make a Costume Cape

Capes can add a dash of romance to any costume. With a cape on, the wearer can become royalty, a wizard, a witch, a magician, a hobbit, a super hero, and so on. It is easy to make a costume cape with felt or good quality cloth. This is one do-it-yourself project that both you and the wearer will love for its ease and simplicity. Just imagine the swish of the cloth adding a sparkle to their eyes. You can first make a basic cape and decorate it with stars or other designs to suggest the character of your choice.


First measure the length to which the cape has to come. Measure from the neck down to the desired length. Next, procure fabric of twice the length. Now fold the fabric in half lengthwise. Next, fold the fabric crosswise. Pin the layers together. Measure the neck circumference and calculate the radius from it. Use this measure to mark an arc on the fabric. For the neck opening you need to measure from the folded center of the fabric a distance equal to the radius. Mark this distance with a pencil. Now you need to cut along the marked arc through all the layers. Cut along one folded edge to make a center opening for the cape.


Now comes the stitching part. Stitch around the edge of the cape. Now stitch the collar to the cape. Cut the ribbon for the ties to the length you want.

Make holes a bit wider than the ribbon around the neck of the cape. Thread the ribbon into the neck area of the cape so that it can be tied in the front.

Hem the free edges to complete the cape. If you want to, you can cut curves and waves at the bottom of the cape to give it a much grander look.

Masks and Hoods

You can add a hood or a mask to the cape to give it a touch of mystery. To create the mask, wrap a piece of cloth about 3 inches wide around your child’s head. Mark eyeholes and a nose hole. Hem these using button hole stitches. Hem the outer surface of the mask. Now it is ready to be tied on for giving the full effect.

To make the hood you need to measure out a 30 inches into 15 inches rectangle in one corner of the fabric. If you want an extra-large cape, measure the hood as 35 inches into 20 inches. Now hem in the short edges of the hood. Next lay the hood on the gathered end of the cape or the neck. For this the hood should be laid upside down with the hemmed edges on top. The cape, on the other hand, should be right side up. Now sew the cape to the hood.

Now you can stencil or paint or glue on stars, diamonds, moons, lightening bolts, and so on depending on what the costume stands for.

Some of the costumes that can use a cape include a Red Riding Hood cape, medieval costumes, rock star costumes, and so on. Your imagination is the limit to how you decorate a cape and how it is used. It can add a touch of grandeur to any costume, however simple.