How to Make a Creative Cabinet Door with Fabric

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  • 4-6 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 40-60
What You'll Need
Fabric of choice/curtain
Curtain rod
Sewing machine/thread
Paint/paint brushes

A cabinet door has a lot of power in transforming your kitchen from drab to fab. By simply changing out your kitchen cabinet doors, you can make a big change in the overall look without having to do a complete remodel. You do a variety of different things to your cabinet doors from refinishing them to adding wallpaper as a covering. One of the ways that you can change your cabinet door look is by using fabric as a covering.

Remove Cabinet Door

Using your screwdriver remove the cabinet doors from the cabinet face. After you have the cabinet doors removed the cabinets, then remove any other hardware that is on the cabinets themselves.

Clean Up Cabinets

Inspect the cabinets and apply wood putty to any screw holes, scrapes, and gouges in the wood. Use a small bladed scraper and spread the putty over the holes. Push the putty into the holes to make sure they are full. After the putty dries, then sand it down flush with the wood. Wash the cabinets and clean of any dust and debris.

Paint Cabinets

Using a paint color that matches your kitchen decor, and the fabric you picked out, paint the cabinets and let them dry completely.

Measure and Cut Fabric

Measure the length of the cabinets that you are going to cover with the fabric covering and transfer that to the actual fabric. Place the fabric on a flat surface and cut it with a pair of scissors. Make sure the measurement is at least 4 inches longer on the length for making the hem.

Sew Hems

In order for the fabric to stay on your curtain rod you will need to sew in a hem on the top of the curtain. Fold over the top 2" and sew it with the sewing machine. Sew as straight as you can so that the curtain will sit level. Fold the bottom in about 1/4 inch and hem it in so that the fabric will line up with the bottom of the cabinets.

Install Curtain Rods

Line up the curtain rod on the cabinet face and mark the placement for the mounting brackets. Make sure they are level and then screw the brackets into the cabinet face.

Dress Up Fabric

If you want to give your fabric some dressing up you can add some things like beads, ribbons, pictures, and sew in other types of fabric to create designs.

Put Up Fabric

Now that you have the curtain rods up and the fabric designed the way you want it, you can place the fabric on the curtain rod. Make sure it spreads out across the entire rod and hangs where you want it to. If not, then you can alter the fabric by hemming the bottom a little more.