How to Make a Creative Twitter User Name

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Creating a clever and interesting Twitter username is important because that name will represent you to all of the other Twitter users out there. Coming up with something creative will make you stand out and catch people’s attention. Keep reading for some basic tips on how to create a strong and unique Twitter username.

Focus on Your Passions

Creating a new username is fun because it can be anything in the world and it’s completely up to you. If you love dolphins, include a word or words pertaining to dolphins. If you are passionate about your family, create a username that includes their initials or interests. The key is to keep your username specific to you and your passions in life.


Sometimes you will need to use specific techniques to acquire the name you want. For example, if you wanted a name that was already taken, add a number or two at the end to make it different. You should also consider removing vowels from words to shorten or change them.


Your username can only be 15 characters long, so you will have to keep that in mind. Also, you will not (and should not) be able to use cuss words in your username. Finally, avoid using anyone’s full name or information in the username.