How to Make a Cricket Trap

A cricket trap.
  • 1 hours
  • Beginner
  • 1-15
What You'll Need
Spade or a shovel (a trowel also can be used)
Towel or any cloth
Piece of old carpet
Small bucket or plastic container
Lettuce leaves
Whole loaf of stale Italian or French style bread
Rubber bands
Empty tea or coffee can (with a lid)

An efficient cricket trap is certainly needed if you are keen on fishing, have a pet reptile, or simply want to make some pocket money. Plenty of pet and bait shops buy crickets because they are known as the perfect fishing bait and are a delicious food for certain reptiles. It is easy to supply yourself with plenty of these bugs, whatever the purpose is. You could catch thousands of crickets for one night, if you use three or more cricket traps placed in different locations. Keep in mind that crickets are active at night and tend to avoid people; so, try any of the following traps which work well, and you will enjoy a bumper cricket harvest.

Step 1 - Prepare the Trap

Find a suitable area, a place where crickets are observed, and dig a hole in the ground: at least 18 inches deep and 12 inches wide. The sides of the hole should be straight up and down in order to keep the bugs from escaping.

Step 2 - Make the Trap Alluring

Place a towel over the hole. The crickets will crawl to hide under it. Place a small plastic container in the hole. Put a lettuce leave under the cover of the hole so that part of the plant sticks out.

Step 3 - Harvest

The next morning, you will find a pile of insects inside the container. Bring them out of the hole and remove into another ventilated container. For better results, dig some more traps in other areas of cricket “heavy traffic” and repeat these steps every night.

Cricket Trap Made of Bread

You can also make a cricket trap using bread.

Step 1 - Prepare the Bread

Cut the bread into halves lengthwise. Hollow out the pieces and leave no more than ½ inch of the bread crust (it should look like a pair of small canoes). Place some lettuce pieces in the one or the two halves. Put the bread halves back together and hold them with the rubber bands; then, cut one end of the loaf and form a ½-inch hole — the door of the “crickets’ motel”.

Step 2 - Position the Cricket Trap

Put the cricket trap in a suitable location: near a wall or debris, under a picnic table or near a compost heap.

Step 3 - Collect the Cricket Harvest

In the morning, check the “harvest” in the cricket trap. Take the empty tea/coffee can and get the lid off. Place the whole of the loaf over the can and gently shake the crickets out of the trap into the can. Cover it quickly with the lid or the bugs may escape.