How To Make A Custom Outdoor Sign

A custom outdoor sign is very beneficial to your business because it helps you display your name, company logo and tagline. Many people spend hundreds of dollars in getting it done. Making this is not rocket science. Let us see how you can make your custom outdoor sign in wood and save those extra expenses. Before you begin you will need the design, pencils, paint, paint brush, carbon sheet, the wooden block, and lettering stencils.

Step 1 - Tracing the Design

You will have to trace the design of logo of your company on to the wooden block. Place the carbon sheet on the wooden block and set it accurately over the area designated for the logo. Place the design on the carbon sheet carefully and trace the outline using a pencil. Next, you can also write your name and the tag line of your company using the lettering stencils.

Step 2 - Filling the Color

This step of making the custom outdoor sign demands creativity. You will need to color the design that you have traced out on the wooden block. Choose the colors well in advance and ensure that they complement each other well. If in doubt, don’t hesitate to ask for a second opinion. After making the decision on the colors to be used, paint the design carefully. You can also add color to your name and the message.

Step 3 - Let it Dry

Once you have completed the coloring process, keep it aside to dry. It is recommended to let it dry overnight in an area where you are sure people will not step on it.

There you go! Your custom outdoor sign is ready for use.