How to Make a Decorative Recycling Container How to Make a Decorative Recycling Container

What You'll Need
Large 35-gallon clear tote container
A decorative tube of wrapping paper
Measuring tape or ruler
30-gallon garbage bags

Making a decorative recycling container is an easy and cheap task. At your local department store, you can find most of the required items to make a decorative recycling container.


  1. First measure each side of the inside of your clear container.
  2. Cut the decorative wrapping paper according to the measurements you just took.
  3. Tape the wrapping paper to the inside of the container, with the decorative design facing outward. Complete this step for all four sides of the container.
  4. Once you have secured the wrapping paper tightly in place, insert the garbage bag into the container. To keep the garbage bag from looking tacky, you can roll up the edges and tape them down around the top of the decorative recycling container. 
  5. Now take the marker. You can either add extra decoration to the outside of the recycling container or write the type of items it will hold.

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