How to Make a Decorative Solar Fountain How to Make a Decorative Solar Fountain

What You'll Need
Electric Drill
Measuring tape
Sand/water (depends if it is positioned in a pond)
Spirit level
Solar fountain kit
Safety glasses
Work gloves

A solar fountain is an innovative decorative option. If you place one in your backyard you will obtain a better picture of your garden, without the worry of expensive electricity costs or connection problems. One of the main advantages of a solar fountain, is the fact that it is environmentally beneficial. It stimulates, stores and channels the sun’s energy efficiently. It is not an overly difficult task to try building a decorative solar fountain yourself. If you follow these instructions carefully, and get the right materials, you will accomplish the work before you even know it.

The solar pump kit consists of:

  • A 16 foot extensive cord, with no electrical connections
  • No on/off control
  • Capacity of pumping 33 gallons of water per hour
  • Length of pump should be about 6 inches

Step 1: Plan a sketch

First of all, draw a sketch of the ideal fountain you would like to have. Also, plan where the fountain is going to be installed, either outdoors or indoors. The advantage of an outdoor space is that it is easier to find a more functional spot, since there is a bigger chance of direct sunlight. Also, decide whether you want to dig the soil to cover the cord of the solar panel headed for the fountain. This is usually best for neatness and also to avoid tripping accidents. After these aspects have been considered, one has to buy the required materials, including the pre-made fountain, unless one knows how to design it.

Step 2: Learn several specifications

Depending on what type of fountain, if it is positioned in a pond or settled on soil background, one should analyze the specifications included in the documentation provided with the pump selected. Pumps vary, so one has to adapt the pump to the particular fountain. 

Step 3: Solar Panel

Procure the appropriate solar panel that corresponds to the electrical needs and specifications of the solar power water fountain. Having said that, any fountain can transmit to a solar powered fountain, by applying a solar power cell.

Step 4: Test Your Work

This might sound complicated, but it is quite easy once you have understood the whole concept. Assemble the water fountain with the purchased pump as intended by the manufacturer. Then, attach the solar powered cell to the water fountain. Basically, this is done in the same way as when one is plugging the water fountain into a standard wall. After this has been done, test and see if it works correctly.

Step 5: Position Your Solar Water Fountain

Last but not least, make sure that the solar fountain is placed in the location desired, properly and effectively. Bear in mind that it is really important to settle the solar panel in the correct spot. The reason is simple; solar cells require six to eight hours of energy daylight in order to store enough energy to power the water fountain. Therefore, check the position of the fountain so as to make sure that it receives enough sunlight.  

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