How to Make a Deer Leg Gun Rack

What You'll Need
Deer Legs
Dehydrator or Table Outside
Mounting Forms
Taxidermist's Clay

If you are a hunter, having a deer leg gun rack is a nice prize of sorts. Not only can it last a lifetime, it also adds a unique look to your home. Therefore, here is a quick how-to on how to create a deer leg gun rack.

Step 1: Prepare Deer Legs

By now, you should have your deer legs ready to begin being processed for this. That means they should already be cut and dressed. So let's get started by getting them dried. Pack the legs in salt and sit them either in a dehydrator or out in the sun. You can also add high-grade preservatives to the legs to help keep them fresh and not damaged.

Check on them every 24 hours or so, though 2 days (48 hours) should be adequate enough to do the job. They should feel leathery and have no moisture at all.

Once they are dried, you can move on to the next step.

Step 2: Pack With Clay

You should only use taxidermist clay for this, and it can be bought online if needed. However, once you have it and the legs are ready, you can begin to remove the salt and start packing in the clay. Keep packing it in until they are full and maintain their shape. Then set aside for 24 hours or more, so it can set in place. After that, you may wish to seal it so that the clay does not fall out.

While you wait for the clay to set, you can begin planning how you are going to mount it, etc. So that you will know how you will wish to proceed on the next steps. Now is also a good time to paint or put a varnish on the hoofs of the deer legs while they are setting.

Step 3: Mounting

Depending on the length of the legs, the length of the board will vary. The best advice is to make the board at least an inch wider than the length of the deer legs that you will use. So measure the legs and cut the wood to the desired length. You can varnish it before, if you like. But do not do this after you have hung the rack up. Next, place the legs on the wood and mark where you wish to place the bolts. Then drill the holes in the wood and place in the bolts.

You can then place the legs onto the bolts and then install the mounting forms so that you can hang it up. After that, test it out by placing your gun on the rack and making sure the rack can support it.


Creating a deer leg gun rack can take a few days, but if you would prefer one without all the wait, you can buy frozen deer legs or fake ones for the same look. However, creating one will last you a very long time if it is done right. So go ahead, give it a try and show off your hunting skills.