How to Make a Distressed Leather Belt

What You'll Need
Leather Belt
Rubbing Alcohol
Sand Paper
Heavy Bristled Wire Brush
Spray Bottle

Although new leather garments and accessories are nice, a distressed leather belt has character of its own. However, if you are a distressed leather lover, you are probably already aware that buying old leather garments can be costly. A better alternative to buying distressed leather items from a store is to try distressing the leather yourself. This is much easier than one might think. All you need to do is follow some simple steps.

Step 1: Spraying The Rubbing Alcohol

Using the rubbing alcohol, dampen the leather. It is advisable to place the rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle, as this makes it easier to use. Spray rubbing alcohol onto the belt until damp, but make sure it is not soaked because if soaked, it will be harder and take longer for the leather belt to dry.

A special product called "leather balm" can also be used, as it is a special alcohol-based balm with an acrylic that may substitute for the alcohol.

Step 2: Crumpling the Leather Belt

By crumpling the leather belt, you are adding creases and lines. This is important because it gives the leather belt an antique look. Make sure to really work the leather so that the lines and creases show. The best way to achieve this is by kneading the belt as if kneading a bowl of dough.

Step 3: Distressing With Sandpaper

This next step is all about how distressed you want your leather belt to be. Once you have a general design in mind, the one thing to remember is to go slow. Once you have done too much distressing, there is no way of fixing the belt, so proceed cautiously. It is recommended that you use a fine to medium sandpaper to sand the leather. For better results, sand some places more than others, and leave some places untouched. You can think of the leather as a canvas on which you are painting while completing this step.

Step 4: Using the Wire Brush

Now that the minor distressing is completed, it’s time for the real deal. The real distressing starts here. The wire brush will do a lot to distress the leather in the desired areas, so it is essential to brush the leather belt carefully with the heavy bristled wire brush.

As you can see, distressing a leather belt is cheaper than buying it from a store. This way, you can save money while being able to give it a personal touch depending on your tastes and likings.