How to Make a Dog Door Storm Door

  • 2-4 hours
  • Beginner
  • 50-100
What You'll Need
Flathead screw driver
Tape measure
Saw horse
Metal drill bits
Metal cutting jigsaw blades
Sheet metal screws

Knowing how to make a dog door storm door properly yourself will save you money and allow you to ensure that your storm door will maintain it’s weatherproofing integrity.

Step 1 - Measuring the Height of Your Dog Door

The height of the bottom of your dog door should reach to just under your dog’s chest level. Use your tape measure and a pencil to mark this appropriate height on your storm door. This will allow you to properly lay out the dimensions of the rest of your dog door from this bottom mark.

Step 2 - Removing Your Storm Door

Once you have your dog door height properly marked, use your hammer and flathead screwdriver to gently tap out the hinge pins from the hinges of your storm door. Once the hinge pins are out, lift the storm door from its hinges and lay it on your saw horse.

Step 3 - Outlining the Dimensions of Your Dog Door

Some dog door kits will come with a template for laying out the dimensions of your dog door onto your storm door. If not simply use your tape measure and square to carefully draw the height and width dimension of your dog door storm door. It is important to make sure the bottom of the dog door outline is at the chest height of your dog you marked previously and your dog door is as centered on your storm door as possible.

Step 4 - Drilling the Cornering Holes onto Your Dog Door Outline

Using your drill and metal drill bits, drill small holes at the corners of your dog door outline. Start with a small drill bit in order to not dent your storm door and then move to a bit large enough to allow your metal cutting jigsaw blade to turn 90 degrees during cutting.

Step 5 - Cutting Out Your Dog Door Opening

Carefully place your jigsaw blade into a cornering hole on your dog door outline and begin cutting along the outline you have drawn.

Step 6 - Cornering with Your Jigsaw Blade

When you reach a cornering hole with your jigsaw blade make sure your blade completely enters the cornering hole then stop. Turn your jigsaw blade 90 degrees to make the corner then carefully line up with the next side’s guideline and start cutting again. Repeat this until you have completely cut out your dog door opening.

Step 7 - Installing Your Dog Door

Gently set your dog door frame into place in the measure opening that you have cut. Caulking the dog door is not necessary or practical on aluminum storm doors. The dog door should fit securely and be the proper thickness to fit your storm door.

Step 8 - Screwing Your Dog Door into Place

Screwing your dog door into place on an aluminum storm door is exactly like screwing your dog door into place on a normal wooden door except that you will use the replacement sheet metal screws you bought instead of the wood screws that will come with your dog door kit.

Step 9 - Ensuring Your Dog Door is Installed Properly

If your dog door is installed properly, it should fit securely, the dog door hinges should open upwards and the dog door hinges should be on the inside of your storm door.

Step 10 - Rehanging Your Storm Door

Now that your dog door storm door is properly installed, you can rehang your storm door by simply lining up the hinges on your storm door with the hinges on your door jamb and the gently tapping the hinge pins back into place.