How to Make a Dog Harness How to Make a Dog Harness

What You'll Need
Soft cotton rope
Sewing needle

Many pet owners would rather put a dog harness on their pet then a collar. Collars can pinch the dog’s neck if they are too tight. The problem is, many dog harnesses are expensive, complex or they just never seem to fit quite right. Or you buy one with Velcro, thinking it will be easier, and all it does is get tangled up in the fur on your dog and frustrate both of you. You can save all of the hassle and make your own very simple dog harness out of rope.

Step 1 – Choose the Rope

To begin, choose a size of rope that is appropriate for your animal. If you have a small dog, or even a cat, that you want to put on a harness, then a lighter rope will work. For a larger dog, use a thick piece of rope. Start with a soft cotton rope that is approximately 11 to 12 feet in length.  Measure the dog’s chest. The broader his chest, the more rope you will need to use for a proper fitting harness.

Step 2 – Knot the Rope

Lay the rope on a flat surface and fold it in half. Make sure that both sides are of an equal length. Take the folded end and slide it under the rope so as to make a pattern that looks like a reverse P. While holding onto the original fold, bring the piece you just slid under the rope up, over the top of the rope so that it looks like a lower case d. Next, wrap these last folds around themselves to create a 3rd loop and tuck the 3rd loop though the second loop hole. Pull the first loop over the last loop you created and pull it down at the base to lock it into place.

Step 3 - Finishing Touches

You should now have what resembles rabbit ears. This is the harness body. You slide the animal's front legs through the rabbit ear loops.  The sliding knot will rest on the back of your dog. You can slide this knot up and down for comfort and to adjust it to fit your pet but make sure that you place the knots in the middle so that the weight of the pet is evenly distributed.

Take some fabric and stitch it across the rabbit ears to add comfort for your pet. This piece of fabric will rest on the animal’s breastbone when the harness is worn.

With that, you are done with the project.

Extra Tip

The knot that forms the rabbit ear loops should be a fairly loose knot so that you can easily slide it. If it is tight, take the harness apart and make it over without pulling the rope quite as tightly. This is to ensure the safety of your dog and shouldn't be taken lightly.

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