How to Make a Dog House

What You'll Need
Treated lumber (sizes 2x2, 2x4, 2x6)
Trim boards
Roof cement
Paints and paintbrushes
Caulk gun
Metal triangle
Tape measure

A home-made dog house is a wonderful gift that you can give to your dog. A doghouse  provides venue for your dog to rest and play and offers adequate protection against cold and severe heat. Building a dog house is simple and can be a great weekend activity that you could do with your family. Below are the materials you need along with the instructions on how to build a dog house.

Step 1- Dog House Foundation

The size of the dog house to be built should complement the dog size. The dog kennel foundation should be made of bricks. A small gap should be left along the sides to allow air to flow through. The brick foundation elevates the doghouse off the ground.

Step 2- Flooring

Using six pressure-treated 2x4 plywood boards, construct a 48-inch square frame for the flooring. For the exterior part, use four boards. In between two boards, create gaps at 16 inches apart fitting the squared frame. The frames should be attached securely with nails.

Step 3- Wall Installation

Three walls are needed, one by the back and two for the sides. The side walls are shorter than the back wall. Create a 48x36 rectangle from the 2x2 lumber and use this just like the frame of the floor. Make three spaces in the interior of the frame using four boards. For the exterior frame, use two boards that are placed 16 inches apart. Securing the wood boards should be secured using nails, wood screws and L-brackets.

Step 4- Dog House Entry

With the use of a 2x2 plywood, make the front entry of the dog house. Make an inverted U and secure this with L-brackets. Use a short board for the top opening.

Step 5- Connect the Walls to the Flooring

The walls should be connected to the flooring. A half-inch plywood should be used to cover the floor frame. The four sides plywood should be connected one after the other with nails and woodscrews.

Step 6- Roofing

The roof is to be constructed next using a 2x4 lumber of which three is needed. The pitch of the roof should be angled at 30 degrees. Make a notch on the inside of the boards to fit the top frame. Make allowance on the length of the board to have enough space to hang off the structure. Apply nails at 24 inches apart. Two pieces of 2x2 lumbers are needed to finish the roof frame which will form the top of the V-shape roof.

Step 7- Exterior Frames

Cut pieces of wood to be covered on the whole frame and the roof. Nail the cut pieces securely to the exterior frames of the dog house, with the roof to be done last.

Step 8- Finishing Touches

Apply the shingles or any preference as roof material. Cut the shingles in 3’s and stick them to the roof using roof cement. Choose a color of paint to finally finish up the dog house.