How to Make a Dollhouse Using Popsicle Sticks

A wooden dollhouse with a tiny table
What You'll Need
Popsicle sticks
Craft glue
Box cutter
Utility cutting board
Graph paper (optional)
Paint and fabric for decorating

Building a dollhouse out of Popsicle sticks is a fun project to make for a child or to decorate your home. The level of design and extravagance is unlimited once you start. After the dollhouse is completed, furniture, dolls, and other miniatures can be added to give this dollhouse a realistic look.

These completed structures can be used as a display on a table, a shelf, or can be hung as a wall decoration. Depending on the location, the depth of the unit will need to be taken into consideration.

Step 1 - Design

First you need to decide how many rooms and the size of the dollhouse. Small cardboard boxes can be used to define the size and layout of the dollhouse. Keep in mind the size relationships of room sizes and ceiling heights. It will be easiest if you base the ceiling height by the length of the sticks.

Use the small boxes or the graph paper to design your layout. Remember to place windows and door openings to adjoining rooms. Graph paper will give you a template to build from and check lengths.

Step 2 - Build Wall Sections

First, trim off the rounded ends of a quantity of the sticks keeping the lengths equal. You can trim more as construction continues. Layout sticks side by side and support by gluing two sticks as cross supports. Place one support piece at the edge and locate the other one stick width from the edge on the other end. This will create a tab to slide into the next wall section to create a longer wall.

By laying the wall sections over the graph paper template you can see if you need to create shorter wall sections. If needed, shorter walls can be made by trimming the support pieces.

Cut windows and door openings and support the ends by gluing short pieces across the top and bottom of the cut opening. After one side of a wall section is complete, a layer of sticks on the opposite side will give you a finished wall.

Floor, wall, door, window shutters, and roof sections can be created in the same fashion. Three or four sticks glued together can be used for rafters or roof supports.

Step 3 - Decorate

Cloth glued to the wall and floor sections can be used as carpeting or wallpaper. Painting or other decorating features can be done before or after construction. For easier access, it is advisable to paint or decorate surfaces before construction.

Step 4 - Construct

By applying glue and sliding the tabs into an adjoining wall, you can create your walls. For corners, a bent piece of cardboard covered with glue and slide into the perpendicular wall will give support. Apply a line of glue along the floor and ceiling or on the bottom of the wall section will hold these sections together. Use of tape can hold the sections together until the glue dries.

After the dollhouse is dry and complete, you can build or buy furniture and decorating items to furnish the rooms.