How To Make A Door Knob Hanger

door knob hanger that reads, "I meditate, do no disturb"

While a door knob hanger is not really hardware that you need to install, it is something that you can create for fun. Irrespective of whether your door knob hanger welcomes someone in, or warns people of what they can expect in your room if they enter, a door knob hanger is fun to make.

You can make a door knob hanger using various materials. While some door knob hangers can be simple and made out of cardboard, others can be made by using embroidered fabric on thick cardboard cutouts. If you are not fond of sewing, you can use fabric paint to decorate your door knob hanger. Below are some simple steps you can follow to create your own personal embroidered door knob hanger.

Step 1 - Create a Template

woman surrounded by craft supplies

You will use this to cut out the fabric. These door knob hanger templates, or dies, can also be found on the internet. All you need to do is to print the file and cut out the page in the shape of the door knob hanger. Note the size of the center hole and ensure that it is large enough to fit your door knob.

Step 2 - Stabilizer Cloth

Once you have the door knob hanger template in place, cut out the medium weight stabilizer cloth in the same shape. Using a light adhesive, place the fabric on the cutout and smooth it down. Make sure the edges stick neatly.

Step 3 - Decorate

Using fabric paint, decorate the door knob hanger in any manner that you want. You can also glue a picture or add some glitter or stars on the fabric too. Make sure that you make it nice and bright. Using fluorescent colors will allow your door knob hanger to shine in the night. Add in the word of welcome or anything else that you want to say to those entering in.

Step 4 - Finish

Allow the paint to dry before putting your door knob hanger on the door knob of your room.

In case you want to create a double sided door knob hanger, you will need to ensure that both sides of the light weight stabilizer cloth are covered neatly with the fabric. Also, ensure that the first side is dry before painting the second side of the door knob hanger.