How to Make a Door Lining

Lead Image for How to Make a Door Lining
  • 4-6 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 250-500
What You'll Need
Door Lining Material
Wood Glue
Tape Measure
Miter Saw
Carpenters Square
Corner Clamp
Pain or Stain

Making a perfectly mitered door lining is a good way to beautify the appearance of a door. After installing a door, you may need a lining to hide the door jambs and add ornamental value to the area. The lining may also be installed as a replacement for an old one. Here is a set of instructions that will serve as a guide to making a door lining.

Determine Whether the Door Jamb is Square

Use a carpenter’s square to find out if the door jambs are installed at exactly 90 degrees. This will determine the angle of the miter cuts needed for the door lining. If the door jambs are square, it will be easier to cut miters on the lining because the miter corners will require exactly 45-degree angles. If the door is not square, the miter corners may need some adjustments depending on the angle of the door jambs, either slightly less or slightly more than 45 degrees, to fit the door lining.

Measure the Door Jambs

Measure the height of the door jamb on both the right and left sides to determine the height of the wood or lining material needed. If one side is longer, it will require a longer lining. Now, measure the length of the top side of the door jamb as well and take note of all measurements.

Determine the “Reveal”

The “reveal” is the edge of the door jamb that will be exposed after the door lining is installed. If a ¼-inch is chosen as the width of the door jamb to be exposed, it means that the width of the door lining material will be equivalent to the width of the door jamb minus 1/4-inch.

Cut the Door Lining Pieces to according to Length

Get the door lining pieces for the left, right, and topsides and mark them according to their measured lengths. Cut the pieces straight. Using a miter saw, cut the miter corners on all three pieces at 45-degree angles or make adjustments according to the irregularity of the door jamb. Check if the pieces are correctly cut by holding them in position on the door jamb. Make sure that the reveal is uniformly exposed at ¼-inch all around.

Assemble the Door Lining

Start by assembling the mitered corners. Let the pieces lay on a flat surface and glue each mitered piece together on one corner first. Use a corner clamp to hold the pieces until the glue dries up. Do the same with the opposite corner.

Paint or Stain the Door Lining

Before proceeding to install the door lining onto the door jamb, paint, or stain it to match the background. Allow the stain or paint to dry. The door lining is now ready to be installed.