How to Make a Drop Leaf Rectangular Table Top

What You'll Need
Measuring tape
Chalk or marker
Screw driver

Having a meal together with a large family or guests is an experience that no one should go without and having a drop leaf rectangular table top can give you the advantage of a large dining table in a small area. Tables are an important part of furnishings in any home. A beautiful dining table is an important part of any dining meal and accommodating all your guests on a small table can be difficult. Many people live in apartments today that unfortunately don’t have a space for a large dining table. The drop leaf rectangular table top is a type of extendable table that can be extended to accommodate more people when needed and folded back for everyday use. You can create your own extendable table using the technique below.

Step 1- Finding the Wood

Finding the right wood for your drop leaf rectangular table top is the first step. You can choose from maple, rose, cherry, oak or any other that suits your fancy. An antique door can be an excellent top for any table as well. Finding matching extendable wood is ideal but you can choose any other wood and stain it to match the rest of the table.

Step 2- Create the Space

Find a place to work where you will not be interrupted. The area should be navigable and large enough for all your tools and materials. You need to have basic carpentry skills to attempt this.

Step 3 – Shaping the Wood

With a measuring tape measure the approximate length and width of your rectangular table. Mark the measurements with chalk. Next mark the frame of the extension. Using a saw, cut along the marked lines until you have the leaves and the table top. Next create a frame in the table top for the extensions to slide in or a place for hinges. Make sure the measurements are correct and test the pieces out.

Step 4 – Making the Legs

You need to decide how high you want the table. Measure the height and then mark the wood accordingly. Cut out the legs and keep them aside.

Step 5 – Putting Together the Table

Place the table top on the floor and screw in the legs upside down. Make sure the legs are secure and firm. Turn over the table and fix in the extensions. You can have hinges for a drop effect. Attach the leaves accordingly.

Step 6 – Finishing Touches

You can now sand the entire table to get rid of any bumps and ridges. Take your chosen stain and brush it over the entire table and repeat this for a deeper hue. You can then spray some lacquer over the table and after that is dried use the sand paper once more. You can also paint the finished drop leaf rectangular table top to match your room. You can polish your wood occasionally to keep the wood shining and durable for long term use.