How to Make a Drywall Material Calculator How to Make a Drywall Material Calculator

What You'll Need
Tape measure
Pencil and paper
12-inch ruler

Make a drywall material calculator following the steps below, to purchase the correct amount of drywall, nails and other materials for your project.

Step 1: Draw a Drywall Materials Chart

On a sheet of paper draw, a drywall materials chart. Include columns for room perimeter, number of drywall sheets, drywall nails, and joint tape and compound.

Step 2: Measure the Room Perimeter

Measure the perimeter of each room, subtracting the width of doorways and windows. Add the width of protruding corners around closets and under stairways, above and below windows. Add 5 percent for cutting and trimming.

Step 3: Number of Drywall Sheets

Drywall is sold in standard sheets 4 feet wide by 8 feet high. Divide the total perimeter by 4 to get the number of drywall sheets needed. For rooms 9 feet high, add 1 more drywall sheet for each 16 feet of wall. For 10-foot ceilings, add 1 drywall sheet for every 12 perimeter feet.

Step 4: Number of Drywall Nails

Estimate 5 pounds of coated drywall nails for each 1000 square feet of drywall.

Step 5: Joint Compound and Drywall Seam Tape

For each 200 square feet of drywall, you need 1 gallon of joint compound, and 2 rolls of 60-foot drywall seam tape.

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