How To Make A Duct Tape Wallet How To Make A Duct Tape Wallet

Making a duct tape wallet is both a creative and an inexpensive do-it-yourself project. You can create a great wallet with minimal materials and effort. The following step by step process will help you create your very own duct tape wallet in no time.

Material Needed

The primary material needed for your wallet is the duct tape. However, duct tape comes in all sorts of colors so you don’t have to settle for just the regular silver. You can actually take things a step further and create a multi-colored wallet if that’s your wish.

Step 1 – Start the Wallet

Start your duct tape wallet by cutting a length of duct tape from the roll that is a minimum of 12 inches long and place it sticky side up on your work surface. Then cut a second piece more or less the same length and place it sticky side down leaving ½ of the sticky area on the first piece exposed. Now flip the sheet over and place a third strip on the backside in a position that will cover the remaining sticky section of the second piece of tape that you placed. Turn the sheet back over and continue adding tape until you have enough that the sheet will end up being 8 ½ x 7 inches. Trim off the edges to fit the previously mentioned size.

Step 2 – Form the Wallet

Now fold the sheet in half. This will form the pocket of the wallet which will hold your money. Add a piece of tape to the bottom to reinforce it, and then tape up the 2 sides to seal it off. You now have a unique and functional duct tape wallet. If you want to add credit card pockets, then please move on to the next step, otherwise, the project is complete.

Step 3 – Add Credit Card Pockets

If you want to add credit card pockets to your duct tape wallet, then you will have to make another sheet that is 4 inches by 3 ½ inches. Fold it over 1 ½ inches and then create 2 more pockets by repeating the same step and tape the 2 pieces together, but make the second piece a little lower than the first to make them step down. Tape the edges of the pockets to seal them off and then tape the pockets to the wallet in the same manner, sealing everything off so that only the top is open and nothing can fall out.

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