How to Make a Fabric Cornice Board How to Make a Fabric Cornice Board

What You'll Need
Measuring tape
Kraft paper
Plywood (half inch thick)
Wood saw
Staple gun
Safety goggles
Wall hooks

A fabric cornice board lends an old-world charm to any room. Although cornice boards can be made from a number of materials, fabric covered ones look the most elegant. They not only improve the insulation of a room by preventing convection currents from forming above the window, but can also be used to hide curtain rods. 

There are a variety of fabric cornice boards available in the market, but you can also make your own at home. Not only will these homemade cornice boards be cheaper than the ready-made ones, but you can also design them to suit your individual requirements. 

Step 1 – Measure it

Measure the area above your window to determine the dimensions of the plywood. Most cornice boards extend for about an inch more than the width of the window. When making measurements, keep in mind the dimensions of any curtain rods that you may want the cornice board to cover. In order to double check that your measurements are correct, you can cut some Kraft paper to these dimensions and see if it fits the way you want it to. 

Step 2 – Choose the Fabric

This step will determine the look of your fabric cornice board. Choose a fabric that complements the look of your room. The fabric should not be so thick that it cannot be easily folded, nor should it be so thin that it cannot be kept in place by staples without tearing. Use your measurements to determine the amount of fabric you will need. Keep in mind that you will be folding the fabric behind the edges and stapling it to the plywood, so be sure to buy a little extra fabric. 

Step 3 – Cut the Plywood

Cut the plywood as per your measurements. Remember that you will need two long pieces—one for the front of the cornice board and the other for the top. You will also require two smaller pieces for the side. Do remember to use safety equipment such as hand gloves and goggles when you are sawing the plywood. Sand the edges of the plywood to smooth them. 

Step 4 – Join the Plywood

Now use the L-shaped brackets and screws to join all four pieces of plywood together. You can also glue the plywood pieces together, but your cornice board won’t be as sturdy. 

Step 5 – Affix the Fabric

Once the plywood has been joined, apply a coat of adhesive over the outer faces of the plywood. Now affix the fabric over the plywood. The ends of the fabric should be folded (as if wrapping a gift), and stapled behind the plywood. Allow the adhesive to dry. 

Step 6 – Hang the Cornice Board

Attach wall hooks to the back of the plywood and use them to hang the fabric cornice board in place above your window. Alternatively, you can drill holes into the wall above your window, and affix the fabric cornice board with the help of brackets.

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