How to Make a Farmhouse Bed Canopy

What You'll Need
Measuring tape
8 screw rings
Organza fabric
4 clips
Curtain rod
Hole punch
Shower curtain rings
Metal wire

The idea of a farmhouse bed brings to mind a huge wooden frame with a flowing cloth canopy. A farmhouse bed is something along those lines, but it can be any type of bed. When this style was initially popular, the canopy was used for several reasons.

Not only did it retain heat and prevent drafts, but it also kept insects outside the sleeping area. These days, a canopy is used more for style than function. Follow the steps below to effectively create a farmhouse bed by adding a luxurious canopy.

Step 1 - Get the Measurements

To begin, take measurements so you can determine how much fabric you will actually need for the project. In the room where the farmhouse bed will be, measure from the floor to the ceiling. You need the extra length so the bed canopy can flow naturally. You will also want to measure the length and width of the actual bed frame.

Step 2 - Purchase Fabric

The amount of fabric you need for the canopy is based on the measurements you took in Step 1. Your fabric supplier will cut your selection to size at no charge. Multiply the measurement from floor to ceiling by 2. Add to this number an extra 12-inches and the length of the bed. You will need 2 pieces of this size. You will also need 2 pieces that are shorter. These need to be the measurement from the floor to the ceiling multiplied by 2. Add to this measurement the bed’s width and the extra 12-inches.

Step 3 - Attach the Hooks

To hang the canopy, you need to screw rings into the ceiling. Place 2 rings at each corner for a total of 8 rings. Install them carefully so you do not damage the ceiling.

Step 4 - Thread the Fabric

Place one of the long pieces of fabric through the top right corner ring and the other end of the fabric through the bottom right corner. Doing so allows the fabric to be suspended. Repeat with the remaining long side and also the short sides. Pull the fabric down from the center to get it to drape to the floor. Do your best to match the draping on all of the sides of the bed including the length that reaches the floor. You may have to make several adjustments before it is right.

Step 5 - Finishing

There are several ways that you can drape the canopy over the bed. The canopy can be streamlined and tied to posts, but it can also drape fully over the bed. The decision is yours.

Step 6 - Alternative Hanging Methods

You can create a non-permanent canopy using curtain rods and hooks. Place a hook at the top of the bed post at each corner. Twist wire around the hook and post. Make holes along the top of the fabric, and insert shower curtain rings through them. Slide the fabric on the curtain rod. Place the rod on the hooks. You can now open and shut the canopy with ease.