How to Make a Fireplace Screen

What You'll Need
3, 36 by 24 Copper panel
3, 36 by 24 aluminum poster frame
Metal punch
Krazy glue
4 Tiny hinges
Screw driver
Safety goggles

A decorative fireplace screen can add beauty and value to your home. A fireplace screen is also necessary if you use a fireplace to keep stray sparks and ash from burning down your home. A fireplace screen can help keep children and pets save as it will help in keeping them a little away from fire. Fireplace screens can also help to aim the heat from the fireplace in the direction you choose making you able to have a nice cozy spot. You can make a fireplace screen out of several different materials. In the Victorian era women often used the humble fireplace screen as a way to show off their embroidery and decorating skills. Those screens however were used during the warm months when the fireplace was unused as a fabric fireplace screen is really not a good idea for the flames. Today we will make a very simple copper fireplace screen.

Step 1 - Finalize a Design

You can choose almost any design to place for the screen. You may however wish to make it a simple one like intertwined hearts or flowers. The simpler the design, the easier it will be to transfer to your screen.

Step 2 - Draw or Trace the Chosen Design onto the Newsprint

This will be the template so you will need to make the lines fairly thick to make it easier to follow.

Step 3 - Affix the Newsprint on the Copper Panel

Use the tape and make sure it does not wiggle while you work.

Step 4 - Transfer the design

Use a metal punch and a hammer to transfer the design to the copper by punching holes in it following the outline of the design.

Step 5 - Follow Instructions in Steps 1 to 4 for the other 2 Copper Panels

You can make the design different for all three pieces if you choose.

Step 6 - Put the Frame onto the Copper Panels

Once you are done with the design, remove the newsprint and use the Krazy glue to affix the 3 poster frames around the edges of the 3 copper panels. These frames will keep you and anyone else from being cut by the edges of the copper.

Step 7 - Add the Hinges

You may choose Krazy glue as the best way to put the hinges on unless you found screws that were small enough. Lay all 3 screens side by side on the floor with the pretty side facing up. You will need to take 2 of the hinges and attach the panel on the left to the middle panel where they meet. Place one at the top and one at the bottom so that when the hinges are closed the back sides of the panels touch. Do the same for the other side.

Step 8 - Let the Glue Dry

Make sure that you let the glue dry thoroughly before using the new frame.

Step 9 - Use the frame

Once the glue has dried you should have a 3 panel free-standing fireplace screen your friends and family will love.