How to Make a Folding Guitar Stand

A folding guitar stand can be an extremely useful item if you travel with your guitar. It is also useful for folding away when it is not needed. Making a folding guitar stand is relatively simple and can be constructed from wood.

What is Needed

You will require 1 Piece Wood of 3’ x 2” x 2”, 2 Pieces Wood of 1’ x 2” x 2”, 1 6” Bolt with Nut, 2 Pieces Wood of 6” x1” x1”, 1 3” Bolt With Nut, Drill with Bits and a Jigsaw

Making The Stand

Assemble the stand using the 1’x2”x2” pieces of wood and the one piece of 3’x2”x2”. Use the Jigsaw to shave off a 45-degree angle from the tip of one end of each of the 1’x2”x2” pieces. Turn them to face each other so that they make a “V” shape. Place the 3’x2”x2” piece in between them and drill a hole through all three pieces in the same place for fitting the 6” bolt through.

Adding The Rest

Repeat the same process with the two pieces of 6”x1”x1” but place the drill hole 1 foot from the top of the 3’ piece of wood. Place the 3” bolt through and tighten the nut so they rest at approximately 90 degrees from the upright 3’ piece.

Finishing and Storing

You can stain the wood if it is not already to your color preference. Alternatively, paint or varnish will suffice. To fold the stand, simply loosen the bolt enough to raise the pieces until they are flat with the 3’ stand.