How to Make a Futon Mattress

A futon mattress.
What You'll Need
A large piece of foam rubber
A tape measure
A resilient type of mattress cover
A sharp, precise knife

If you've recently found yourself in the market for a new futon mattress, you'll be pleased to learn that making your own futon mattress is well within your abilities. Using this helpful guide and a few easily obtainable tools, you'll be able to create the perfect mattress for your futon in a timely and stress-free fashion.

Step 1 - Make Your Preliminary Measurements

Before you go out and buy your materials, you need to measure your futon's frame in order to determine how much space your new futon mattress will take up. Alternatively, if you still have your old mattress lying around, you can simply measure that instead. While this step may seem a bit cumbersome, these preparatory measurements will ultimately determine the size of your new mattress cover, as well as the amount of foam you will need to buy. So when performing this step, take care to make your measurements as precise as possible. You may be pleased to learn that this is arguably the most difficult step in the mattress making process.

Step 2 - Acquire the Right Type of Foam

A futon mattress.

Now that you've taken your measurements, you're ready to go foam shopping. Virtually all craft stores and fabric specialty shops carry large sheets of foam rubber, so locating the right material for your new mattress should be a breeze. Unfortunately, it is highly unlikely that you will find a sheet of foam rubber that conforms to your exact measurements, so you will probably have to use your knife to cut the sheet of your choice down to size. Certain stores will actually take care of the cutting process for you, so when shopping around, be sure to bring your measurements. Also, when shopping for foam, it is imperative that the type of foam you select be very flexible, as foam that is particularly thick is unable to bend in a manner that conforms to the shape of most futon frames, in addition to being quite uncomfortable. Don't forget to check the foam rubber's list of materials to see if there's anything toxic in it. Some foam products are flammable or toxic to breathe in or touch.

Step 3 - Acquire the Right Type of Mattress Cover

Now that you've selected a suitable type of foam rubber and properly cut it down to size, it's time to find a cover for your brand new mattress. With your measurements in tow, simply go to any store that sells mattress covers and buy one that conforms to your new mattress's size. If you still have the cover from your previous mattress, it's fine to use that, too, but as long as you've got a new mattress, you may as well get a new cover to go with it—especially when you consider how much money you saved making it yourself.

And there you have it. Apply a cover to your new futon mattress, adorn it with some sheets and a comforter, and enjoy a pleasant night's sleep.