How to Make a Garden Hose Hanger

What You'll Need
1-inch 90-degree galvanized pipe elbow
1-inch galvanized pipe 5 feet long
1-inch galvanized pipe 2 feet long
Weatherproof material
Strong adhesive or double-sided tape
A friend (optional)

A garden hose hanger is a simple contraption used to keep your hose neatly aside. A tangled garden hose sprawled about in your garage or front yard is not only an eyesore, but could also pose as a safety hazard. Keeping your hose rolled up lessens the clutter around your house and it prolongs the life of the hose by avoiding twists and folds that can crease it. So if you have your hose just lying about take a few minutes and follow these few easy steps to make your own hose hanger.

Step 1: Insert Long Pipe

Get the 90-degree galvanized elbow and the 5-foot long galvanized pipe. Carefully insert the pipe into one of the holes of the elbow. This may take some effort since the fit should be very snug. You may need to use a hammer in order to force the pipe in. Hold the stick upright from the ground and place the elbow on top of it, fitting it into the hole. Now gently hammer the elbow from above until the pipe goes in.

Step 2: Insert the Short Pipe

Now it’s time to insert the short pipe into the other hole of the elbow. It’s basically the same process, but you’ll have a little more difficulty pushing this in because there’s already a long pipe sticking out of one side. If you have a friend around, get some assistance by letting him hold the elbow with the long pipe parallel to the ground. Do the same process as above, holding the short pipe up from the ground and gently hammering the elbow onto the pipe. Be sure that your friend’s hand is safely away from the elbow and be careful not to hit him.

Step 3: Tighten Fittings

Now that you’ve fitted both pipes into the elbow, you should have an L-shaped contraption, one end shorter than the other. Get your pliers and tighten the fittings around the points of connection in order to ensure stability. Make sure that this is done properly because you don’t want your hose hanger falling apart.

Step 4: Weatherproof

Get a couple of sheets of weatherproofing material and cut to size to cover the pipes of your hose hanger. Some laminated vinyl will do perfectly. Wrap this material over the pipes and keep them attached by using some double-sided tape or a strong adhesive to prevent it from peeling off. This will help protect your hose hanger from the elements and subsequent rusting.

Step 5: Drive it to the Ground

Pick a spot where you want to set up your hose hanger. Choose a place that doesn’t get a lot of foot traffic to prevent it from being a hazard. It’s advisable to put it right beside a faucet. Hammer the hanger into the ground. Make sure that the long pipe is the one sticking into the ground. Get your hose and try out your new homemade hose hanger.