How to Make a Garden Seeder

What You'll Need
Funnel or bottle
Utility knife
Duct tape
Bag, box or container

Making a homemade garden seeder rather than buying one is both easy and inexpensive. Besides, it is a simple way of reducing the effort and possible back pain involved in kneeling down to plant seeds in your garden. This article will discuss how best to go about it.

Step1: Acquire the Necessary Tools and Materials

You can manage to make a garden seeder quite simply by using a number of basic tools and materials. Some may even be stashed away in your garage or attic, while others can easily be bought from a hardware store and will not involve high expenses.

Step 2: Prepare The Container

First of all you need to prepare the container where you will be placing the seeds. You can either choose a simple bag or else a small box. The most important thing is that you keep in mind that you will be carrying this around, so try to choose a convenient container. Usually a bag is recommended, as you can just put it over your shoulder and have your other hand free to hold the garden seeder.

Step 3: Prepare the Upper Part

Afterwards, you have to prepare the upper part where you will be tossing the seeds through. It is recommended that you either use a simple funnel or you may also easily make one yourself. Just cut the upper part of a large empty bottle of water or soda.

Step 4: Fix the Lower Part or Pipe

Then, you just need to attach the funnel or the upper part of the bottle to a pipe. Simply cut a plastic pipe the height of approximately up to your elbow so as to avoid bending down unnecessarily. Make sure to use a pipe which fits as snugly as possible within the funnel’s opening to prevent seeds from falling through and being wasted. Attach some duct tape all around the circumference to ensure a good fit.

Step 5: Using It

Basically, you are done. All you need to do is to fill the container or bag with seeds and go to your garden to start planting the seeds using your homemade garden seeder. Press the pipe’s end onto the soil where you wish to start planting to create a small hole where the seed will go. Then, start filling the upper part of the seeder with seeds and start moving little by little over the soil where you wish to plant them, each time pressing with the pipe’s end to make the hole. The seeds will fall through the seeder and into the hole. You just need to cover the seeds and start watering them until you see the fruits of your work when the germination stage is reached.