How to Make a Glass Block Birdhouse

What You'll Need
glass block
modeling clay
diamond drill bit
emery cloth
safety equipment (goggles, face mask, safety gloves, etc.)

A glass block birdhouse is a modern take on the traditional birdhouse image. While glass can be temperamental to use in projects, the end results are well worth the added effort.

In order to create a glass bock birdhouse, you will need the following supplies:

Step 1 - Measure Your Bird Entrance

Start by measuring the entrance you want the birds to use. Draw this door on the glass with a permanent market or just something you can see with your bare eyes. This entrance should be big enough to accommodate the largest local bird who could fit in the birdhouse.

Step 2 - Birdhouse Drill Time

Put on your safety equipment first and then place the diamond bit into the drill. Place a ring of clay around the place you want to drill and into that space place drill bit lubricant. This way, the lubricant will keep the drill bit cool as you drill into the space. Take your time as you drill since this will take up to 15 minutes to complete. Move slowly from one part of the drill area to the next as you want to keep the hole its designated size.

Step 3 - Smooth the Rough Edges

With the emery cloth, dampen the cloth, and smooth over the rough edges left by the drill.  This will prevent injuries to birds that enter the birdhouse. The smoother you can make the edges, the better for the birds and for the appearance of the birdhouse.

Step 4 - Fill the House and Hang it Up

Take the glass birdhouse and fill it with grass or other materials from the local surroundings. This will help the birds identify the house as a place where they can be comfortable and safe. Hang the birdhouse in a secure location in your yard or set it in a place where it will not fall or be knocked over.

Decorative Ideas for the Birdhouse

To help make the glass birdhouse even more enticing to birds, try adding flower designs or add some frosted areas to the outside of the glass for privacy for the birds. You could also create a stained glass look to the glass for a beauty yard accessory as well as a nice idea for a crafty gift for someone else.

A Local Birdhouse Neighborhood

By placing a number of these glass birdhouses adjacent to each other, you will be able to create a community for the birds. Birds in these houses will not feel as though they are crowded into the space, but they will also be able to feel like they are with others just like them.

A glass birdhouse is a slightly more complicated projects, but the results are lovely. With some attention to detail and safety, you can create a glass birdhouse for your local birds to enjoy.